Thursday, March 8, 2012

My kiss was meant for you!

It was all worth saving my special kiss for you! You are a prince well deserving of such a kiss from a princess! For you are nothing like "prince Peacock" Who was so strong but full of himself and would have had no appreciation for my kiss, or "Prince Romance" Who tried to win my heart through roses and romance. Who would soon lose interest in my kiss, and "Prince Treasure chest" Who promised me expensive clothing, jewels, and has promised me the best of everything, if I gave him my kiss. But with all these riches he does not need my kiss for it would not be special to him. And with all these "princes who tried taking your place, I noticed you from afar. Who didn't try to impress me with your muscles,riches,or romance but you showed the love of God. You have the greatest treasure than all these men I knew, for you have the love of Christ living within you. And that's how I knew my kiss is right for you.

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