Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love story.

I waited for you love and your here in my arms.
They told me to date others but that would only do me harm.
I guess I just didn't understand the whole looking process for the right man.
When I already knew God had him in His hand. I guess they didn't understand the one I needed to be my beloved man. You see the man I had prayed for is not like the men I have seen. For these men I have seen would not love me for who I am in God but what I could do to satisfy their own heart and desire. I hated that because it just wasn't right! A man not after Gods own heart is not a man at all but he was a boy from the start. That's what this world is full of a bunch of boys and a waste of time. But Jesus knew that I needed something different. A man I could call mine. I wanted a man who had traits from my God I love. kindness,forgiveness,honesty and compassion. People make fun of me and say I'm old fashioned. But I know what I have. I waited and I am blessed. I not only have a man after Gods own heart and a holy man I love dearly. But my God whom I love so much and He's writing our love story!

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Wanda said...

♥ YOU my DEAR Cheetah INDEED HAVE an AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT, .. I am SO VERY proud of the women you have become... GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS HONEY ♥ I love you ♥