Thursday, March 8, 2012

Desires of my heart.

Father, I want to tell you about this man you are giving to me. He is a man like no other. When I see him he looks like an angel. Bright in shining armor. Loyal,humble,kind and true. Lord every time I see him it makes me think of You! I see Your Spirit in Him and the man you desire him to be. And I praise You Father because You desire him to have a life with me. I think of you when I see Him Jesus, because of Your promise I knew you would keep. That if I wait on You Jesus my desires you'll give. And Father I will trust You for as long as I live! At first I wasn't sure what I wanted til You have shown him to me in the garden. I want to marry someone who loves You! And that was when You showed me who I was to pursue. I saw a tall,handsome man with eyes so dreamy.And You said this is the man you are to marry. But remember my sweet daughter, to pursue me first always. Because I can tell you where to go from here. To trust me always and lean not on your own understanding or his. Encourage this man I have given to you but remember he isn't Me. For I am putting you both together for My ministry and I can't wait for you to see.

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