Thursday, March 8, 2012

Middle of a storm.

the rain is falling fast and blue.
The puddles on the ground are in my sight.
We dance in the rain on a wonderful,beautiful stormy night.
It must be a sight as you grab my hand and twirl me away.
There is no other place. In your arms I want to stay.
Dancing in the rain is so much fun with you.
I treasure this friendship I have with you.
No need for violin's or piano's. For the sound of falling water is all we need for a beat.
The heavy falling water with a light breeze.
And a song comes from the moving trees.
As every lightening strikes I think of you. 
Come my prince the weather is perfect for a dance with you.
I swirl for you in my black dress.
 Even though, I feel like a mess.
And we dance like no one is watching.
For there is a special place for you in my arm's in the middle of a storm.

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