Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Holy Hunk

I watch you every chance I get and baby you inspire me!
Come dance in the rain with me.
Lets dance to every drop of rain
Two young people in love.
That's one thing that will remain.
For I never thought a man could catch my eye like you do each day.
A young man seeking God with all His heart.
I guess that's how you found me.
I have always wanted to see my beloved Christ in the man that is my to be.
I always knew you were my "holy honey". I just didn't know when or how?
See, some other ladies had eyes on you too and I thought they better watch out.
But I didn't realize til the day it happened.
That once I let go of you was the day you started to pursue.
I love everything about you honey.
How you do everything with your best ability.
And how your a true man of God!
you are not just any body you are my "holy honey"

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