Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall!!

Happy Fall to you!! I  personally feel like fall starts the day pumpkin spice latte's come out.. But technically Fall started yesterday so in that case Happy Belated Fall.

Speaking of yesterday did you wish Frodo  Baggins Happy Hobbits day??  I was gonna dress up like a hobbit but soon realized I had nothing hobbitish in my closet.. Not even a hobbit cape or sword. I soon realized my closet wasn't as exciting as I thought!
happy hobbit days
 The weather here has been extremely wonderful!! Early 70's so Leon and I have been going park exploring. We absolutely adore how Piglet loves the swings!!

I believe she prefers Leon's push much more than mine! When I swing her I barely let go of the swings but when Leon pushes her she's screams and laughs without a care... And lets just say I'm trying to keep my heart in my chest!!
This sums it up pretty nicely!!

                                How was your weekend?? :)
                                         Much love XOXO


Caravan Sonnet said...

Hey girl! What a sweet post! That picture at the end made me laugh out loud! hahaha! :) Delighted to be spending some time this afternoon catching up on blog reading! :)
p.s.- I love your new design of the blog girl! SO cute!!
:) Happy Monday!
:) Rebecca

Angela said...

This is great! That last picture made me laugh so hard! My Harper is the exact same way with the swings. We were so shocked b/c our first daughter couldn't even stand the wind blowing her swing! Soak it up Mama!