Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy TEN months to my Darling Piglet.

I know I say this every month literally. But this month I am really feeling it! It's just so hard to believe my baby girl is already 10 months. I remember when Evelynne was just a wee little darling just cooing away and laying swing. I couldn't wait for her to be old enough to start playing and and laughing and everything that a 10 month did. And now that she's actually ten months it's very bittersweet.. There are two different emotions going through me today. Half of me is sad knowing that I only have two more months of Evelynne being a baby and the other half of me is super excited to watch Evelynne grow into the young lady God has created her to be! I've been loving each and every stage of motherhood and every stage is a favorite for me. I am glad  that a baby is only a baby for a year though! I honestly couldn't even imagine a baby being a baby for like five years.. I can imagine many mama's being drained. We need our babies to grow.

But back to my precious baby girl..

Happy 10 months Evelynne. You're a double digit now!!

At ten Months Evelynne is:
-Clapping her hands on demand.
- Giving high fives
-learning to blow kisses
- taking four steps.
-playing chase and crawling faster than mama. LOL
-eating pretty much anything now. Loves Banana's. Their probably her favorite food right now! The funny thing is that three months ago she couldn't stand them.
-Wearing 9 to 12 -12 to 18 and some 18 to 24 clothes. It's sooo hard to clothes shop!!
-Wearing 2-3 in shoes.
- in size 4 diapers.
-Weighing 18lbs
-pretty much sleeping through the night
-taking 1 to two naps a day.
-Nursing 2 to 3 times daily.
-Starting to really enjoy morning cuddles

Mama at ten months is:
-Enjoying this baby girl as much as possible
-So excited that Evelynne has developed a new love for cuddling with mama in the morning. It's only for like 5 minutes or so but I'll take it!!
- So blessed.

Daddy at ten Months is-
-A wonderful dad and is finally getting the hang of it.
-Loving taking Evelynne to the park and pushing her on the swings.
-Working so hard so that mama can stay home with baby girl. We couldn't be more appreciative.
- very blessing and is making his family feel the same!

What we're looking forward to:
-Hopefully going apple picking as a family on Monday!!
-Evelynne saying words! She's said "dada" a few times but that's it.. I honestly don't care if she says "dada" first. I just want her to start talking!! lol ;)
- Her first Birthday EEEK!!!I need to get to work!!

Here are some video's of the last month of Evie! I wanted to get some of her taking steps but of course she refuses to perform them on camera.. Anyways I love these ones!

P.S Just so you know I AM one of those mama's who talk in a high squeaky voice like my voice isn't high and squeaky enough! lol   I've become one of those mama's I thought I never would be.. But now I totally get why we talk in high squeaky voices.. Because it's a mama's thing and it's really the only voice babies react to! At least my baby lol

Happy 10 Months baby girl!!! You have made our lives so complete and blessed!! God has blessed us beyond measure.

Are you a mama of  a winter baby? What did you do for their first Birthday? Do any of you have any idea's? I have a few but I'm trying to get all my options in. :) 

                                        Much love to you Darlings!!
                                                 -xoxo Heather


Karla said...

I love all the pics of her in the leaves!! She looks so happy! =) Can you believe she is almost 1?!

Karla said...
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Hannah said...

such a little sweetie! It really is crazy how fast the months go by and how quickly your baby grows up! They are such a blessing!

Also, I picked you for the liebster award... I enjoy your blog a lot!

Angela said...

She is precious! My Harper is also 10 months old. It is such a fun age!

scrapperjen said...

She is a pretty little girl! I'm glad you are enjoying her

Ceil said...

Hi Heather Leigh! Happy Month Birthday to your little one! What a cute hair bow too, and the fact that she has enough hair to hold one must be a milestone, right?

You are expressing every mother's conundrum. We raise them to grow and be independent, and then we are sad when they respond! So funny, but I was just like that too.

Thanks for sharing all the pics and videos. Your daughter will have a lot to see when she gets older.

Laura said...

She is a cute little pumpkin!