Sunday, February 19, 2012

A changed life!

I went on a conference for the last few days with my hubby, and our Pastor, Joe Lloyd.
I love Pastor Joe! He is a great fatherly figure and has planted seeds in all of our lives, and He is very passionate about taking time to invest in equipping the saints! He prays for everyone in the Church every day! He is a man many look up too and I am proud to have him as our Pastor. 
 This is Pastor Joe and I:

The title of this conference was called Foundations of faith.
(A school of healing and impartation) And it was presented by Global awakening.

                             Randy Clark:     
                                   Paul King:  

And Tom Jones:

My life is forever changed by this conference because God forever has touched my heart by this!
God has used this conference to increase my faith. And let me tell you, my faith is increased.
I have been praying to God about the gifts of the Spirit and was ready to receive. And When Randy gave us a better wisdom on the gift of "Words of knowledge" I received! 
Randy asked if anyone had a word of knowledge to please stand and share, I felt a pain in my throat for a few seconds and I knew in my spirit I just had a word of knowledge! The enemy continued to place the thoughts my head saying "It's false! No one is going to stand up. I thought for a second but then it occurred to me. Who am I here to please?  I knew if I went up there, there would be a possibility no one would stand up, there would be a possibility I would make a complete fool of myself. But I didn't care what people thought! I knew whether people stood up or not Jesus would be pleased because I obeyed! So, with nervous feet I stood up and said "Someone has a pain in their throat and I received another one right after with an "eye irritation"  About four or five people stood up and I received the opportunity to pray over each one. three out of five felt eighty to one hundred percent better afterwards and one of them felt better the next day!  It was so awesome that The Lord could use me for that! Not because of who I am but because of who He is!  There is Power in the Name Jesus!
The worship was absolutely amazing! I could just feel the presence of  God in that place! People were screaming shouting Halleluiah and just worshiping as if no one was watching! Everyone was touched that night! One thing I will never forget was when I was laying down just praising Jesus, Randy told everyone to grab hands. I was just so wrapped up in the Spirit I wasn't even paying attention until the hands of two little girls put their sweet hands in mine and one put both of their hands on my legs. I was super touched and could just feel the love of God through these children.  And when Randy told everyone to hug someone you felt comfortable with, this young girl came and hugged me. I was super touched! I have never seen a child worship God like this girl did! Both hands up, crying, and bowing down to Jesus. I loved what I saw and was sad that out of twenty years of living this was the first time I saw a child sincerely worship God, knowing what she was doing! Randy and Tom prayed over all of us young adults. I instantly felt fuller! I can't wait to take what God has given me and share it with the world!
So many people that night were healed from metal inside them, back pains and so much more! Praise GOD!
 They had a cafe at the church with delish muffins!!
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My life is forever changed! And my encouragement to you is let God be the change in Your life and it will be the most awesome change you have ever received!

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