Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evelynne's 8 month.

 Some days I really find it hard to believe.. My baby girl is eight months... Even though she acts much older than her age I'm still finding it hard to believe she's eight months already.. I cause because it only feels like a few months ago I was experiencing the newness of Motherhood.. I must say though every day of Motherhood just keeps getting better and better. Every new stage of her growing is so much fun and so rewarding. Love this little girl!
At eight months Evelynne is now:
-Walking with assistance.
-Pulling herself up and standing up with no assistance.
-Crawling like a pro!
-Saying "Up" in Sign language.
-Teething at the moment. Still has those two bottom teeth and a top one is going to come through any second -now.. I really hope it's soon! Poor baby just isn't happy when she's teething.
-Loving music, stories, and her baby Einstein.
-Eating stage 3 baby food and pretty much everything in small portions. And boy this girl can eat! Takes after her dad. He can put away a five guys cheese burger, hot dog and a large fry.. At least he used to. He's eating much healthier now.
-Loving her pool.. and water in general.. Bath time is her favorite.
- Waking up usually only once a night now just to nurse. And then she's back to sleep for the rest of the night.
-wearing 9-12 month clothing. Even some 18 m! 
-Loving giraffes.
- Loving her daily walks and is really aware of things.. Yesterday she was looking at everything in sight. So I started to tell her what they were and pointed at them. She gave me the biggest smile like I gave her the answer she has been looking for her whole life.. Now every walk from then she has been wanting to sit on my hip instead of the stroller so she can see  everything. She's one smart piglet!
-Gets excited when she hears Papa on the phone. (yes, I'm trying to get her to call Leon Papa) And loves seeing him when he gets home.
-Getting lots of attention when grocery shopping. Older ladies love her!

 Happy 8 Months My little piglet!! Mama loves you so much and God has blessed me with such a special girl.


Lauren said...

She's growing up so much!! I almost see little girl in her in some of the pics. Theres still lots of baby but its just nuts how much shes grown already. She's adorable as ever!!!

Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog said...

I love her big bow!! So precious!!

Amanda Karl said...

Just found your blog and I love it! New follower! :)

Your daughter is beautiful!! My daughter turns 8 months next week and I cant believe it!! Where did my baby go?

Amanda @ Happily Ever After

Megan said...

Visiting from the Love Hop! Your little one is adorable, can't believe she's already pulling up on things and crawling. Our baby girl just started to crawl at 9 months :)

Jessica said...

Your little girl is ADORABLE!! I love her eyes!

Caravan Sonnet said...

This is SO precious!! Your little girl is ADORABLE!I can only imagine how much the older women love her! She's adorable!!
:) Thanks so much for linking up with "the petites" this month! :)
Have a lovely day!

Daniel and Sara said...

She is precious! Love her name! Happy 8 Months!

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

So precious! Evelynne sounds like such an advanced eight month all, great job, dear!

Camille said...

So cute!! I love her expressions. And look how strong and determined she is, standing like a big girl already.