Monday, July 22, 2013

At the moment I am...

Recovering from the fantastic trip to six flags that my sister in law Ashley blessed us with for Leon's Graduation present.. Isn't she the best?!?! Loved her since the day we met. She's one of those love at first sight kinda girl...   Leon and I got on our very first roller coaster together. So we can check that off our list! It's nice having a Big strong man to sit next to you before the ride starts!


Thinking about despite of what other people think of me regarding my faith, past mistakes, beliefs and how I mother my beautiful daughter.. I can hold on to the fact that I am loved and cherished by The King! Last week I received a few hate comments about how I parent and my testimony and was called pretty much every name in the book.. I even had to delete some of them because they were just so inappropriate and I didn't want you guys to have to read such filth.. My heart was shaken at first.. What have I done to this person to have them lash at me like that? But Jesus is constantly there for me. Loving me on the days I don't feel loved but instead discouraged.. I am reminded that it is the darkness that tries to cover up the light.. But my friend, I refuse to let this light God has placed in me to be hidden or shaken.. My God is bigger than hate comments.. ;)
Really excited and praising God for the arrival of Selah Abigail!!  Delivered by my blog bestie and sister Sarah who did an amazing job! I so look forward to our daughters being pen pal buddies. :) Happy Birthday Selah!
And I am heartbroken  that millions of babies around the world don't get to have the opportunity to live because of the ignorance and selfishness of others! Abortion needs to stop!
Laughing so hard at this picture!! Evie's just not sure what to think of a little person holding her!! HAHA!
Photo: Evie's not sure what to think of her cousin! lol Deacon Chapin Barb Lloyd
I hope you know how true this is!


Karla said...

I'm going to six flags in a couple of weeks and I am beyond excited!! =) SO glad you had a great time.

Sorry to hear about the hurtful comments you get about your faith. I love your attitude about it though. Keep your head up. I think you are wonderful =)

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Sounds like you guys had fun at 6 flags!