Monday, August 12, 2013

Life with my teething lil darling.

As some of you may know my Evelynne has been teething on and off for the the past month and it hasn't been easy.. Is teething ever? The other day was probably the worst yet.. Mainly because her and I were stuck at the house all week with it raining and we were both getting cabin fever.. Thank God for sister in laws that live with you and are offering you a ride to the mall.. Love that girl! So here are a few things we did this week to keep my little darling's mind of the teeth.
Evelynne enjoying her stroller ride and drinking her organic Greek yogurt smoothie. while Mama shops to get her her mind strait.  I told Leon ahead of time that money might and most likely will be spent today.. I do the money anyways but I seriously can't go without telling him whether or not I'm buying something.
FREE Venti!! Don't mind the bags under the eye balls.. I lack sleepeth.
Two of my most favorite finds.. (Mug at bed bath and beyond and book from books a million).. I have been wanting this book for a while because I heard it was awesome.. But for me spending money on myself  is something I always have a hard time doing. Especially since I got married and had a baby. But Jesus encouraged me to buy it and hey, you gotta have a cute little owl mug to sip your coffee or tea while enjoying the presence of Jesus.. :)
Evie finishing up her cheese snacks while watching her  Sign language.
Rain or shine.. We love to walk!

 What are some things you do with your little darlings to keep their minds off of teething?   could seriously use some advice if you have any. :) God be in your morning, loves! -Heather


Karla said...

How cute is she. (I say that all the time!)
But really, she is beautiful.
I know how it is with the teething thing.. (working in daycares and such) It is not a fun time for them. =(

We always would put pacifiers in the fridge for a while so that they are a little "cool". Some babies loved that. I hope she can find some relief soon =)

KRISTIN said...

Oh sweet girl! Kenley loves those little mesh chew things...I put an ice cube in there and it keeps her busy for quite a while and I think the cold feels good on her gums! :)

Jen B said...

Thanks for linking up! Ugh, teething is THE WORST. Really. And it seems to happen quite frequently. Poor babies. I wish I had some helpful advice. We did a lot of cold chews and slept together in an uncomfortable glider... I got a la-z-boy of craig's list to help me get through those long nights with this one. I'm also going to try Amber necklaces with this one. Google it. It is supposed to help.