Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 Fact: This picture above was just taken yesterday!!

Excited yet? I know I am! Truth is, ever since mid  July took place. Fall fever has been hitting me.. Like really hard! Fall is definitely my Favorite Season Ever! It just is.. The chilly hoodie weather, leggins, huge sweaters, and boots, Pumpkin Spice lattes and frappes, chilly soup days, Halloween, apple picking, Bon fires.. Do I have you  going through your fall wardrobe yet?
 I have to say Fall officially hit me when I was on my walk with Evelynne yesterday.. We're starting to have that nice spring weather back. So it was nice. As we were walking I heard something wonderful. The sound of wind blowing dried up autumn  leaves.. "Wow already?" I thought. Though, this girl was not complaining a bit. I'm actually really excited! SOOOO EXCITED!
Because fall is coming I've been trying to introduce actual shoes to Evelynne when we go on our walks.. It appears she'd much rather wear them on her hands.. Love this girl!

With Fall starting to come back I am reminded of last year when Fall was near.. I remember thinking about how I'd be holding my daughter in less than four months, I remember how I was craving Pumpkin Spice Frappes like crazy and drank so many of them when they finally came out, I remember making Leon chilli for the first time.. Which he gave me two thumbs up on. So many memories and this fall We will have so many more now that we will be experiencing it with our precious daughter.
So, to celebrate this exciting season. I have decided to host a link-up for every Wednesday that's fall related.. It's only going to be for  a few weeks or until I run out of idea's.. So you are more than welcome to participate. :) It's going to start tomorrow! And the question I will be asking you is "What excites you about this Fall?" You can either answer this question  or link up anything fall related. It doesn't matter. I just love reading anything fall! See ya tomorrow.

                                                            Much love- Heather!


Karla said...

YES! I love fall too and cannot wait! It's right around the corner. I love all these pictures! =D

Ashley Lee said...

I am soooo excited for fall!!! I have been posting a bit about fall lately! & every saturday I have a ready for fall post series!!! You should check my blog out!!!