Monday, August 5, 2013

My expierence with breastfeeding

You know, when I had made the decision on breastfeeding my child I honestly didn't know what to expect. I've heard it was the most beautiful experience and I've heard from others that it was so painful and frustrating. I guess it depends on the child maybe? Whether or not they latch on okay or maybe sensitivity? I just know in my experiences of breastfeeding it was so horrible the first two weeks.. Kinda like the storm before the calmness, the pain before the pleasure.

I was still in so much pain from giving birth and the frustration of  the lack of sleep made it worse. I was one tired mama and lets just say I wasn't a pro at first when it came to breastfeeding my child. It made me question my Motherhood ability. Whether or not I was even a good mom. "How could a mom not know how to feed her daughter?" I wondered often.. And maybe I freaked out over the matter because of the emotions caused from a lack of sleep and my husband not being able to stay home to help. However, I was a mess.

After seeing three experts and reading and seeing all of the positions to help my daughter latch on it still didn't help. She would always latch on perfectly but I just wasn't comfortable. The positions weren't comfortable to me, I often felt like I was doing it wrong, I constantly wondered if I was feeding her enough, the pain from breastfeeding was horrible..So, horrible I even cried many times. And because of the lack of confidence as a new mother I had doubts.

 Really, I'm going to be honest here.. Breastfeeding at first wasn't a bonding moment for me.. It was something I dreaded doing because the pain was hard to bare. It was something I didn't enjoy at all. In fact the only thing that kept me from giving up on breastfeeding was the health benefits and the fact it was free. And the support of my Prince Charming Leon was amazing!! Leon honestly could care less whether or not I breastfed or did formula.. Whatever I wanted to do he was completely supportive.

After doing some research on breastfeeding and what helps other women. I received the best information I could have ever received in helping me overcome this.

I was told "Instead of thinking about the pain and problems of breastfeeding while feeding your baby, pray for her instead.. Put away the phone, pause the remote and just pray over her. It makes you think of breastfeeding a totally different way and shines a new light on the matter".

And it was so true! After a couple days of choosing to pray for her  during feedings I didn't even feel the pain anymore. It just went away and the breastfeeding experience became a wonderful bonding moment for me and my daughter and I believe this little habit will continue to grow into a big one. Leaving my daughter and I with a great and powerful prayer relationship. I'm so glad I never gave up breastfeeding and to be honest I'm going to be kinda sad to end it in the next four months.

Sweet mama's if you're having trouble with breastfeeding  I just deeply want to encourage you to take this advice and pray over your child while breastfeeding them and singing worship with them. I just know it will take your relationship with them to a deeper level and you'll be starting a really amazing habit as you're teaching your child the power of prayer.. And if breastfeeding doesn't work out for you there is seriously
nothing wrong with bottle feeding and it doesn't  make you any less of a loving mother..All I can say is whatever works for you and your baby is the best thing to do. Don't let anyone tell you differently, beautiful.

 On a British note.. Can I just say I love this couple family?  So cute!


Megan. OneFifteenDanville. said...

I'm sorry you had such a hard time. It is a tough start, but eventually I swear your nipples just go numb and lose any feeling lol It gets easier and easier and I completely agree. I use the time to pray over Reese all the time. It helps me enjoy the quiet feeding moments even more. :)

Bibi said...

I hear ya! I'm glad you stuck with it, but I understand as well, how hard it is starting out as a brand new mama. For the first 5 months of our baby's life, we had to use a nipple shield because she wouldn't latch on properly. But now she does and I'm so glad about it.
I, too, will miss it once she is weaned. It is a wonderful experience - maybe not always the convenient one, formula does come in handy at times, when you're out and about. But overall, I would prefer nursing hands down... :-)

Thanks for sharing the tip about praying for her while feeding!

Your daughter is gorgeous, so pretty!!!

Sarah Nicole said...

Thanks so much for writing this, friend! It's been another tough day and I really needed to read this! *hugs*

Petchie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! As a mother to be and wanting to breastfeed, I eally appreciate hearing other moms experiences with it.


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Breastfeeding was hard for us at first but turned out to be such a rewarding experience!

Patty said...

Hey girl, I regularily read your posts but don't always write a comment...i really appreciate the honesty in this. even though my husband and I don't have wee ones yet this topic is one I have thought of before too:)