Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finally Fall! Link up #2

Thank you to everyone who gave the time to comment and link-up for last week.. I had so much fun reading about your "fall love."

Today's question I am asking you is "What does your fall wardrobe look like?" Because I like to ask these things before I adventure in your closet! jkjk

It could be your actual fall wardrobe or your dream fall wardrobe (a.k.a boards from pinterest.) Ooor, you could just link up something fall related. YAY for fall!

So, I'm going to doing my dream fall wardrobe because well honestly, I don't even have a full fall wardrobe yet because I was pregnant last fall and have lost a ton of weight since the fall before.. So my closet is looking kinda empty there.. Shopping spree??

Simple. I love this casual lookSalmon and Gray - not a huge fan of the purse but love the color comboCream skinnies. Classic fall lookLove #outfitCream skinnies. Classic fall lookLove her outfit.Cool winter sweaters and boots weather!Happy CamperLOVE!Love everything!Love this!I adore this outfit!!adorbs Some of my favoritest outfits ever! Outfits that I WILL own if I have to make them myself. I will keep you guys up on my outfit gatherings and where I buy them. & I can tell you now that the biggest percentage will be from my own hand, Goodwill, and forever 21.. If you want to see the rest of my dream wardrobe on pinterest you are more than welcome.

I am also working on Evie's fall/winter wardrobe. You seriously save so much money when you make it yourself! Anyways. Here's her hat I made her.. I will actually be starting a crochet Business in 
September so I'm super excited!!


scrapperjen said...

I will add my comment and say my fall wardrobe is dress pants, jeans, long sleeve tops, a couple of scarves and boots.
Come on fall!
I love Evie's fall wardrobe, very cute!

Hannah said...

I wish I had those clothes in my wardrobe! Some of them are too cute! I can dream, right! :)

KElizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) Yours is so cute, new follower :)

Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

Karla said...

Ohhhh my gosh all those outfits just got me super excited. Loooving the top one. And your baby girl!! ahhh! Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter!!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

Evie is a doll! And I, love all the outfit ideas, makes me wanna go shopping!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

Evie is a doll! And I, love all the outfit ideas, makes me wanna go shopping!

Jen B said...

Cute outfits! I can't wait for fall! I was pregnant last fall too. I need some leggings for sure and I have my eye on a pair of yellow cords.

Cute hat too!

Kristen said...

I'm so ready for fall!!! For the past month we've had 70 degree weather with days of rain/cold. i was so excited! But now it's 90 again :( I love the first and second look. The second has awesome colors! I've always been a fan of pink and grey together. I need to go and buy some new things. for the past few years my fall wardrobe has been mostly the same due to the fact that alot of the tops/sweaters I wear can be paired with anything. Baby girl is adorable!! I love when babies outfits are home made! You're both beautiful :)

Sara Beth said...

Love those outfit ideas!

Amanda said...

In answer to your question about what I'll be doing after graduation, I'm not totally sure yet. If I could go work on a horse farm, I'd be in heaven! haha But not sure if that'll work out. lol Really, I think I'd like to be a nanny! Or do something with early childhood, that type of thing. :)