Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Holiday weekend.

 Hello Beauties! I really hope you all had a fantastic Independence Day with your loved ones!!

My husband had to work pretty much all week nights this week including the 4th and had to get his sleep during the day. So we really didn't get to see  him much this week. So we celebrated The 4th in the comfort of our own home loving on 4th of July Cup cakes and five guys!! And the fireworks kept Evie up so her and I snuggled in bed and watched Beauty and the beast while watching fireworks out the window. It was so nice. And I was actually surprised she loved them! As you can see the smile on her face in the picture above. She actually laughed at them.

What did you all do for your 4th?

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Karla said...

How cool!! Fireworks out your window?! And what a cute pic of Evie. :)