Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I will never forget.

Today 12 years ago I was eleven years old.

I remember listening to the radio not quite understanding of what was really going on.

I remember my parents sending us outside while they watched the news.

I remember just being frozen and truly terrified after my parents told us what had happened.

9/11: The 25 Most Powerful Photos  I still remember what I was doing, almost 12 years later, on that horrific day.  I will always remember the brave men and women that lost their lives that day.
 I remember what happened on 9/11 that will never be forgotten.

I haven't and will never forget the heroes we lost that day, I will never forget the loved ones we had lost, and the innocence that was taken,  I will never forget the parents who lost their children and the children who lost their parents and the heroes who still live today constantly dedicating their lives fighting for our freedom.


Sally said...

I was in high school in an industrial tech class. We all went in to the biology teacher's classroom to watch the TV. I remember looking up at the sky that night with my boyfriend at the time knowing that everything we saw was truly a planes that night.

Ceil said...

Hi Heather...I remember that day too. I can't believe it was so long ago. It feels like yesterday in a lot of ways. So unbelievable that man can do such horrid things to other human beings.

It is good that you will never forget, we all should remember the souls and families that were effected.

My flag is flying today.

scrapperjen said...

Sadly, it's one of those days most people will always remember.