Sunday, May 12, 2013

Over Coffee.

It's been getting so warm here! Like 80 degrees here people. And for the first time this year I had Iced coffee instead of warm.. I always get the Iced Carmel  latte with whip. It's so good! I think everyone in Panera bread has recognized me by now due to me going there for coffee. Yep, I got a gift card for my Birthday!

If I were having coffee with you today I would ask you how your Mother's day was? Did you do anything fun? 

I was blessed to actually have a Mother's day weekend. On Friday my husband took Evie so I could have a Mothers day out at Panera Bread and do some writing. I also was blessed to encourage an older woman by telling her Jesus loved her. She looked at me like I had four eyes and said "Thanks" But I believe deep down she was blessed by it and I know I blessed Jesus by obeying Him which makes it all worth it! Did you know Jesus loves you dear friend?? Because He does! More than you know. <3
I must have been smoking hot that day too! Because I've noticed quite a few guys checking this MARRIED mamma out haha! I even had to tell this one guy who looked in his mid 30's  I was married. I honestly don't know what it is about ladies in Sunhats. It just turns their heads! haha

On Saturday my loving husband made me these rocking pancakes!! I ate like three! (I bet you can guess it was a lazy day after that haha!) It was full of "Lost" series and eating junky yummy stuff!
I honestly can't tell you just how blessed I am to be a Mamma! Some people dream of being famous singers, or actors and maybe even comedians. But not this girl! Being a Mamma is my dream come true. When you're a mom you're really all those things and much more. I mean my baby girl thinks I'm the funniest person ever!! Okay maybe second to her Daddy. He's pretty funny! Especially when he does "Jim Carrey" Impressions. 
Evelynne's really getting into this whole eating solids thing. She loves food and shows so much excitement. She's now eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and nurses on the side for snacks. 
And did I mention she's wearing a size 3 diapers. Man they grow quick! 

If I were having coffee with you, I'd tell you that "Mommy hood" is so much better when you have a helpful Co-worker  that's a goof ball! And did I mention he's cute too!?! Because He is!!
This is what I would tell you if I was privileged to have your company. What would you tell me?


Mandy said...

Your baby makes the cutest and most priceless faces! Love it. So excited to have found your blog. Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day.

Christine @Fancy Function said...

Cute pics! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. Visiting from the link up. :)

KRISTIN said...

Such a cute little family! So glad you had a great Mothers Day! thanks for linking up! :)