Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Loved . By:Heather Riley
A crown of thorns pierced in your beautiful head.
So many have said they wanted You dead.
I really don't see how You loved me enough to take my place.
You were beaten and tortured as blood poured down Your face.
I was just a servant, a slave.
Until You did something more brave.
You took my sin, my shame, my place.
And then kissed my head as You said "It's erased".
I was a thief, a liar who deserved no mercy.
But You Jesus, died for me. Choosing to make me worthy.
You were pushed, beaten, and shoved.
You did all this so that my sins would be covered with love.
And because of You I'm no longer what I used to be.
I am now a daughter of God that has been set free!

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