Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family day at the Police academy.

I finally got to see where my beloved husband went to work, I finally received  faces with names. (Even though, I would need to see them again to officially get it right!) I got to meet all of Leon's buddies and his Sargent's   and I must say Evelynne was quite spoiled by all these fellow police officers and police trainees. I can just foresee the future as they spoil her as she grows up. And when she actually starts dating.. Oooh goodness! They all better know she's the daughter of a cop! I praise God though, that the man Evie is supposed to be with will be honored to have a police officer for a father in law. I know I'm proud to have him as a husband.
The really cool Police Helicopter!
What my husband has to climb.
I love Father daughter bonding!
She's ready to explore!
My little love!
Police truck
Leon and his older sister Ashley. They could easily be twins I think!
My Mother inlaw Momma Riley, Big love, and Sister inlaw Ash
They added Little love
These are some huge horses!!

                        three things Thursday
Time once again for the 2nd week of "Three Things Thursday" Hosted by Myranda and Kristyn!
Come join in all the fun!!

Three Things You Should NEVER Do on a First Date
1.  Texting during a conversation..  Ladies your girlfriends can wait to find out how the date went after you get home. I think during a date it's really important you take the time to get to know each other without the distractions of ten other different conversations on the phone..

2. Talking to impress. Don't answer his/her questions the way you think they want you to answer them. Answer them honestly! This could be the start of a committed relationship. Don't lay a foundation of dishonesty here. 
3. Getting too comfortable. I think Manners is really important on a first date. I'm sure many agree with me! I remember one of the main things that I loved about Leon on our first date was his manners. He opened every door, gave the waiter his tip even before he waited on us, and paid for everything!


Tiffany Cutcliff said...

Your family is beautiful! :)

Kristyn Monaghan said...

You have the most adorable baby girl! Beautiful family! Thanks for linking up with us this week! I completely forgot about the no texting but that is a good one! And one of the first things that stuck out to me about my last bf is that as we walked around on our first date, he always walked on the street side of me, something my daddy told me a guy should always do :)

Heather Leigh said...

Thanks Tiff! I love love your newest post!!

Heather Leigh said...

Thanks girl!! Aww that's so sweet!! I love it when guys put their ladies before themselves. ;) Xoxo