Monday, March 11, 2013

"Moments like these" Over Coffee {Link Up}

 If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you that I cherish each and every moment with you. And that moments like this gives me pure joy and I thank God for each and every one of you that I am honored to have coffee with. Whether we've had coffee in the past, in the future or having coffee in the blog world. I cherish each and every one of you to the moon and back. Xoxo

If I were having coffee with you right now on this beautiful early spring day. I would tell you how I hope the whether stays nice like it has been the last day or so.  Weather can be so bi polar sometimes.. One day it's shorts and the next stay we gotta bring our coats back out. But may I say with honesty that I'm ready for my spring! My sunshine, sunhats, sun dresses (Did I mention sun?) Open toe sandals so I can show off my painted toe nails, bathing suits, beaches, Frappes, Ice cream, water. Oh spring yes I think know I'm ready for you!

I think what truly made me thirsty for Spring was not only it's my favorite season but yesterday's teaser. It was a high 62 yesterday so I took Evelynne on a little walk.. We both have been fighting a small cold the past two days so some fresh air did us both good! I took her to a very special and dear place to my heart. A place I went to the day after I found out I was pregnant with her to just ease my mind and talk to the Lord and His plan for this dear precious girl, And many times after that while being pregnant with her talking to the Lord, watching mommy ducks looking after their many babies, and feeling the newness of Evelynne many kicks. I would day dream about bringing Evelynne to this special place that Jesus has brought to my attention with His beautiful paintings. And now that I am holding her in the very place I used to day dream and think about her the whole time.. I've come to a deeper realization that dreams really do come true. And when you rely on God for your dreams. He can make them happen a lot quicker.. Sitting here with Evelynne watching the ducks and small waves by the bay.. It is moments like these I thank God for big dreams. It's moments like these I will treasure always, moments like these that often fills my journal pages faster, and moments like these I never want to take for granted but instead  enjoy every moment!
This is what I would tell you if I were having coffee with you. What would you tell me?

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Bonnie Way said...

Aw, those are such cute pictures! What a beautiful spot to go with her... and what great conversations you'll have there with her as she grows up. :) I found you on the Mommy Moments blog hop. I'm also hosting a blog hop for moms, if you want to drop by: