Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Name.

I was the type of teenage girl that had pages in her journals filled with names and meanings I liked. I had clearly over forty names.. Now obviously I wasn't planning on having that many kids but I just loved those names and going through "Baby Names Dictionary" and writing down names was one of my favorite hobbies but oddly enough "Evelynne" was not in those name choices. I actually had nothing to do with the name and neither did Leon.. He's has always loved the name "Ivory" and I've always been a major fan of the name Scarlett or Rachel.. It's very rare when Leon and I can agree on "girl names"  

This is the story of how Evelynne's name came about.

The name came into our lives one night right after Leon dropped me off. When I was about to get some sleep Leon texted me saying    "I just saw you calling our daughter by her full name! It was Evelynne Lorain Riley. It sounds right!"  At first we really didn't know what to think of it. I loved the name and it fit perfectly but because we were no where near close to having kids I didn't put much thought into it. Until that April or May of 2011 I had a dream/vision I will never forget. It was so real.  

Leon and I were both young like we are now and I was holding our daughter and went to give her to Leon and he was in a brown uniform ( like the one he wears now)  holding her and I said her name "Evelynne."

When I woke up I actually thought I had a daughter.. It was one of those moments when I thought "Why did I have to wake up?"  But it was that moment when I came to realization that our daughter will be named "Evelynne".  A name I have grown to love along with the little person who carries that name.

While I was pregnant with her I suddenly decided to look her name up. Why I didn't do that before I have no idea! It's better later than never anyway right?  

The English origin of Evelynne is "A beautiful bird" and the Hebrew origin is "Life"

I love this because what comes to me when I see that is "A beautiful bird who brings life" 

And because she has been prophesied to be a worship leader while I was still pregnant with her I can't help but know that she will be a beautiful bird who brings life into worship.   
This is how Evelynne got her name.. Obviously it was not in our minds to name her Evelynne but God's mind. And that's how we want to live our lives by dedicating our lives to God and let His thoughts be more precious in our sight than our own.. He obviously knows us better than we know ourselves.

Evelynne has been such a blessing since well, the day I found out about her.  She's such a precious girl that LOVES to be held, loves to smile,  knows what she wants, and gets her point across even if it involves a tantrum or two.. At such a young age too! I guess she's just preparing those lungs ;)


Sarah Nicole said...

Such a cute story! God definitely has had a part in what we're naming our little girl also!
Our Pastor also prophesied over our baby that she would be annointed in music and that she would be a psalmist! We had prayed since the day we found out that I was pregnant that she would have a heart after God's own heart-like David. So when our Pastor said that she would be a psalmist I was in tears! God is so good! :)

Heather Leigh said...

Wow Sarah, Our similarity is crazy! in a good way though =D That's such an awesome story!! I can't wait to see your precious girl!