Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Super Mom!!!

It has taken me two months to realize I can't do this by myself. It has taken me two months to realize that God has given me a sexy co- worker for a reason. Until now I have desired to be the "Super mom" that a lot of mothers try to be.. The "I have everything under control Super mom"  And I have come to realize that's not me and it shouldn't be me. I have spent these last two months trying to do it all on my own. And even when my hubby asks me if I need help I say "It's okay love, I got this!" When really on the inside I feel as though I might burst with so many things to do. Do you ever feel this way?

I mean what is a "Super mom" anyways? Is she someone who has everything under control, always put together, needs help from no one, and is selfish when it comes to the responsibility of her children? 
Until now, I thought it was. But I see now that this is not the kinda of mom I should be nor does God desire of me to be. 

But now I see a new definition of a "Super Mom" 
Super Mom- A mother who accepts help from her husband and even others if needed. A mom who allows herself to have some time to herself for renewal, strengthening, and Spiritual closeness so she will remain to stay in tune with God. And most important knowing that she needs help and knowing that God is her source and help in all things. 
 I have never realized how important it was for a mom to have some time to herself until I got away myself. Over the weekend. I have made up my mind to do that. With the encouragement of my husband of course ;)
So I got dressed, grabbed my black purse along with my Bible,journal, and Devotional and headed to my favorite Panera bread for a few hours. And while enjoying a turkey egg & cheese on honey wheat  breakfast sandwich along with a Peppermint white mocha from Starbucks I sat and wrote peacefully. It was wonderful. And I must admit it was nice being able to finish a sentence without having to feed,change a diaper or hearing a cry. And though I couldn't get my sweet baby girl off my mind a few hours out was nice! And I feel so much more refreshed and motivated this week! 

I honestly feel like it would not only be wrong for us moms  if we didn't get a few hours to ourselves but it wouldn't be fair to our husbands and children. Because we can only go so far with trying to be the super mom that doesn't exist until we explode!!!!
What are some ways you get your mommy time in?

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