Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New years eve everyone!! I bet your getting ready for the big explosion of fireworks tonight.
I honestly can't believe that this is the last day of 2012!

I feel like it's gone by so fast and maybe it's because so many things have happened to me this year. Wonderful things I have never experienced before and things I will never forget for as long as I live.

9 Blessings of 2012:
1. My husband and I celebrated the big one year Anniversary on the 23rd of Dec. It was wonderful. This year we have made it through one year and we still adore each other (Most of the time anyways)We have celebrated one year of never giving up on each other, choosing to love one another, and letting God use both of us as one to bless other people and each other. I love living with my best friend and sharing such a personal and special commitment with him. Forever and always!

2. My first time experiencing  pregnancy and the precious life growing inside me! Being pregnant with my daughter has made me more pro life than ever before! Just feeling her kick and move inside me and seeing her suck her fist and respond at sonograms. I know now more than ever that babies are living beings at conception! I will never forget the first time I saw that angelic face of hers. I love her unconditionally  more and more each day. And being a parent has clearly made me become a bit more understanding of God's love for me. Being a wife and mother is the best experience I have ever received.  Jesus, you have made me blessed! You can read about my pregnancy experiences here.

3. I have found the freedom of saying "No"  Many of you would find that not to be a big deal but if you are a people pleaser like I was and is still fighting for victory in than you would know how stressful it can be to give people that "N" word. But now that I am a mom and am also going deeper in my identity in Christ I'm no longer intimidated to let people know how I truly feel about certain things,  speaking my  mind in a gentle way, and saying "No" when it needs to be said. Sometimes behind the word "No" there is freedom.

4. My relationship with God has increased so much this past year. I am not only learning more about my identity but also His! And His Identity in me. He is my loving Abba, My King of kings, Alpha and Omega, The Great I Am. The One I will always be able to trust and count on. When all else fails me, He never will! He is my dearly Beloved. The Great Healer, Magnificent Warrior, And Beloved Father. And He is my great help. I will forever be His Princess Warrior. Fighting the great spiritual battle that has been going on long before my time. And I will be there standing in Victory until the end.

5. I started the blogging world and I am so glad I did! I originally starting blogging as an online journal for myself, then a devotional for myself and others and that led to an "All of the above blog" Full of Jesus and my life as well! Deciding to be a blogger has changed my life for the better. I have met some dear friends across country and in other states and I love hearing their life stories, lessons and devotions that I can relate and apply to my own life. You bloggers have been such a blessing and encouragement to me. Seriously, you don't even know! I would wake up one morning feeling well dry and than I would pull up one of your early morning blog posts and read along. It clearly makes my day! I also want to thank you guys for your support, comments, and e-mails! You guys rock!

6. My Pastor, Husband and I went to a "Global Awakening" conference held my Randy Clark. It was an amazing experience! God has taught me so much on that conference and I also received the gift of word of knowledge.  I saw so many young people so full of the Holy Spirit! That encouragement continues to leave me hungry and thirsty for more! I was prayed over by Randy Clark and his gang. And just in case you don't know who Randy Clark is, He is the man who prayed and prophesied over "Heidi Baker" One of  my favorite Authors!  Your welcome =D I remember an event that took place there between a young girl and I that I will NEVER NEVER FORGET! On the night before we left during worship I was laying on the ground surrendering to Jesus and just loving Him. And during worship Randy told everyone to put your hand on someone and worship with them. (I honestly don't remember his exact words because I was in my own little world at this point) And when I was just laying there I felt a little hand touch my leg. When I looked down I saw a beautiful little blonde headed girl look at me. Instantly I felt a bond between me and her. After worship Randy told everyone to hug someone. And we both gave each other a really big hug! A hug like two best friends would give each other after not seeing one another for a long time. Looking back I really wish I was able to talk to her and go up to her. I was just in my world with Jesus I paid no attention. I really believe now though, that this whole experience that occurred that night was God's way of telling me what He wanted me to be doing. To love and be an example on all of his daughters. To give them discipleship and direct them.

7. I was so happy after a long two years of Leon trying to get a career and steady paying job. It finally happened last September when he joined the police academy.It was perfect timing too! I praise God for His continual favor upon  my hubby and I. Since then he has been shown much favor from his leaders. He graduates in February! So soon he will no longer be a trainee but a Baltimore City Cop.

8.Our Church Spirit and life Fellowship finally has it's own location. So, ladies and gentlemen we are no longer  in a hotel room. =D And best part is there's a nursery!

9.  Finding out my dear friend and sister Krista was pregnant with her son not long after I found out I was pregnant! I couldn't begin to express my joy about that. It was defiantly a God thing. I will never forget that special phone call from her. <3 I was so glad and blessed to have her as a pregger buddy. Even though we were separated in two different states. Now we are both enjoying our little blessings and will be reunited shortly!

This year of 2012 has been a great year for me! Relationships have become stronger and letting go has become easier. Friends have been made and cherished and old friends I have learned to let go.

This year has been a year of new seasons. And I am ready to let it go so that a new year of new seasons will takes it's place. I'm excited to see the plans God has in store for my family and I in the year of 2013!

                        May 2013 bring many blessings to you!


Sarah Nicole said...

Your love of the Lord is so contagious! Keep shining for Him! :)
Praying that you and your family are very blessed in this coming new year!

Heather Leigh Riley said...

Hey Sarah! Thank you so much for your encouragement! I hope you guys have a great new year with many wonderful seasons ahead of you! Xoxo