Friday, November 2, 2012

Thoughts on labor and being a momma.

The other day I was asked if I was nervous about going into labor? I've never really thought about that question before. Am I nervous about going into labor? I'll have you guys know that  my pain tolerance isn't the highest. When I'm in pain you know without a doubt that I'm in pain just by looking at my facial expressions. So, you would think just the thought of going through what they call  "The most painful situation a women has ever been through"  would terrify me. But honestly it doesn't! I am at one hundred percent complete peace about going into labor. Do you know why? Because this is what I'm called to do.  Jesus has called me to be a mother. And not just any mother, but a mother to this child. He has called me to look after her, protect her, love her, to be a godly example of a mother to her and most importantly show and teach her the love of Christ, to know her identity in Him. I am called to bring this child into the world who is going to do amazing things for the Glory of God! And the best part is Jesus will be there with me all the way. Supporting me, loving me, and watching over me. So, if you ask me I have nothing to be nervous about. It's what I'm meant to do, it's my ministry, it's my calling.

Many thoughts have crossed my mind about being a mother. You would think after all those years of babysitting and taking care of my nieces and nephews would prepare me for this. I have not even held my daughter in my arms yet and I am already understanding the concept that mothers always say "You'll never know or understand until you have one of your own." I sometimes don't feel at all ready for this. But I know it's in God's perfect will and His perfect season. I know He's got a plan for this little girl. There has been many times during this pregnancy when I just didn't feel ready, didn't feel prepared. I just didn't feel qualified. But once again The Lord speaks to my heart with the perfect answer. "The called never come qualified, But I always qualify the called" I know on my own I am not and will never be qualified. But through Jesus. My Heavenly Father, The Great I am. I am qualified through Him and His perfect love for me.I know through Him I can do all things. And raising this Miracle will be for His glory alone!

Preparation for Labor:
Thanks to my dear blog friend Heather from  findingbeautyintheordinary I have been inspired in many ways when it comes to being prepared, and being a mother in general. Things she has learned before me because shes a few months ahead of the game since she had her precious daughter back in August. So, because of her posts I am fully prepared and packed for the medical center. She inspired the idea to make the doctors and nurses a goodie basket. I loved this idea because it shows your appreciation to them and I really want my Midwives to know they are appreciated. So, this is my gift basket to them.

 And I'm making sure to pack snacks and stuff too! We'll only be there for about four hours after we have her because I'm having her at a medical center but I wanted to make sure I was prepared!
 I think I may be prepared for a two week vacation... But who knows what to expect when your having a baby!

Come on baby girl, Momma's waiting for you!

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