Monday, October 22, 2012

Dearest Evelynne,

I was informed yesterday that you are officially birth-ready and labor is welcome and normal at this point..... I just want to make sure you know that. Because I am so ready to meet you! They told me if I wanted to try and induce labor I could go for long walks, walk up and down the stairs and spending lots of time with Daddy intimately helps too!   I figured I will help you out a bit by doing these things. I have already went out of my way countless of times this morning to make trips up and down the stairs, been active, and maybe sometime this week have a date night with your daddy to get things moving (Wink Wink)  I feel like as each day comes I feel so much more connected with you then I did yesterday! I love spending time with you and I can't wait to hold you in my arms and experience all of your special "Firsts" I have all of our bags packed and I packed you two outfits because I haven't decided what I wanted you to go home in yet. And I have all of the numbers in my phone and a birth plan all written out. I honestly don't know what to expect with labor. I've had women say it was horrible, others say it's not as bad as other women make it out to be. But I know every labor is different. I know with God's help you and I got this! Until then I will continue to enjoy every moment  in spending time with you, reading to you, singing to you and praying for you. This is the only time when I will have you all to myself!                       
                                                                                 Love you, Love Mommy!

Ps.. Daddy says it will be great if you wanted to come this week for two reasons. 1. He'll have an excuse to get out of a stressful work week and 2. He'll have two beautiful ladies to come home too! Isn't he the sweetest! I'm telling you, You are going to have the best daddy. He loves you so much and I know you are going to have him wrapped around your finger! (Even though he won't admit it now)  Love you Princess!

Baby bag: babies r us.
Panda: My sister Suzy
Basinet, Changing table: Yardsale
E: Made by me.


Ruthie Hart said...

I LOVE her name! And everything about her nursery (love the yarn wrapped E and the minky blanket). My sister just had a baby girl Embry, so we love all things E!!! tick tock!

Heather Leigh Riley said...

Aw Thanks girl! The Lord actually picked her name for us two years before conception. Leon and I were not even engaged lol. I had a dream/vision about her and my husband had a vision of me calling our daughter by her full name which is "Evelynne Lorain Riley" Eeeek so many lovely ladies born in 2012! Congrats on being an Aunt. I love it. It definitely helped in my preparation for motherhood ;) I can't believe how close it's getting!! I just hope she doesn't plan to make her arrival during the Hurricane we're supposed to be expecting Monday!! If so what a blog post would that be huh??? Xoxo