Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full cup of joy!

So, have you ever had one of those days when you can't stop smiling? Truly smile. Even when your trying to sleep you just start giggling?

 Do you ever have those moments of pure joy?

Where you just wanna dance like no one is watching?

These moments are gifts from God. I just praise Him for everything He does and continues to do in my life!
Many people say that Christianity is old fashioned or boring. But I believe Christianity is the most incredible adventure there is! 

I mean think about it.  We are living a life with no worries, freedom and a God who loves us and wants to meet our every need! Plus We get to serve the God of the universe. And that my friend is every adventure!  Each day I feel even closer to Him and I want to share it to the world!

To be a light to everyone around me until they just can't help but get some of that light, where they just can't help but desire and want it! 

   I thank  God for giving me pure joy moments!

  If you happen to have a moment like this in the next few days, I urge you to write it down. Share it with someone. Remember it somehow. It may be something so small, but the impact and joy that it can bring is priceless.

Sing and enjoy the ride, Don't let these moments pass you by. Love and lets live and never give up on life!

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