Saturday, February 4, 2012

Apple Waffles!

Hey beauties, and gentlemen =] Happy weekend! Hope you are having a great one at that!
I sure am! Well, I shall tell you why I am having an enchanted weekend. I made a waffle invention! Yes, while I was craving blueberry waffles, it turned out blueberries, we lacked there of. So, I had to make plan waffles. But as I was mixing the batter this wonderful idea popped in my mind "APPLE WAFFLES"!!! So I crushed up some waffles in a bowl and mixed cinnamon along with it, and I added vanilla to the batter. It was most delightful <3. I have learned that this invention is fantastic with Peanut butter! If you are a PB lover as I proudly am, you should defiantly try this! Unless you don't like apples,cinnamon,vanilla,or waffles that is. But if you do, this recipe is very good! It requires: 1 Apple. A tsp of cinnamon. A Tsp of vanilla. And waffle mix of any kind. (The directions on the box will tell you how to make the actual waffles ;). You can add more or less to the waffles. I usually like this measurement for a serving of five. I really hope you enjoy them! Oh, and if someone already thought of these before me. Please don't rain on my waffle maker. I would love to remain proud of this piece of work! =]

OH! This factoid won't matter to many of you but, for those of you who remember the BBC version of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe that came out in the 80's ... did you know that the actress Lesley Nicol plays Mrs Beaver?! She also plays Mrs Patmore on Downton Abbey. You are welcome. =]

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