Sunday, January 29, 2012

You are my Love.

Jesus, The more I seek You.
The more I find You.
Each day as I seek You.
I love you more and more.
Each time I knock, You open the door.
You do not forsake me for things I have done.
You hug me and hold me close and whisper softly "The battle is won"
You have given me everything! It is already done.
I love You forever Jesus. You are my only One.
I want to lay at your feet and listen to You teach.
I want to hear every word, every word You preach.
I want to be so close to You, to lay against You and breath.
I want to feel Your heartbeat.
Nothing can compare to this love You have given.
In the rain I dance! I know what it's like to be free and forgiven.
It's indescribable and nothing can compare.
It's like I was suffocated and now I can breath air.
I'm floating in clear blue water, weightless as I can be.
I feel You carrying me, as I swim through the blue sea.
I want it to be all about You Lord.. I'm done with living for me!
You are the breath of life. Over flow me in Your living water.
Perfect love You show Father! Perfect love to a daughter.

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