Monday, February 6, 2012

Mr. George. The best monkey in the whole wide world! Oh, and Pocky!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I hope you had a chance to sleep in, read great books, snuggle with your stuffed monkey, hang out with your friends, go on walks with your hubby, and eat lots of waffles and have a bowl of Ice cream. Or maybe that's only my ideal weekend. ;)

Now, I am very good for the whole week! I work out,eat my fruits and veggies, so on the weekends I like to reward myself with a little something! ;)
This is me:

Have you ever had a childhood friend that you could call only yours? Who only played when you wanted to play, and never played with anyone else unless you were playing too? maybe a friend who never left your sight (unless he got lost for a short time) And went every where with you and was your cuddle buddy every night! Sigh.... This is my Childhood friend George:
This Monkey is legit! He is the best monkey around. And even though he's missing five of his fingers, and two toes from some unfortunate events with our dog. He's still in really good shape! ;) Thanks George, You are the woody doll in my life!

Have you ever dipped a "pocky stick in tea??? It's really good! But I guess it really depends on what tea you stick it in. I wouldn't recommend Echinacea tea.. Uck! I'm drinking Numi (that's the brand name) Moroccan Mint. I love tea!

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Jeanette said...

Leon's favorite monkey! LOL & those brownies & icecream were good!!!