Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flying in Your Arms

I'm soaring on the wings of eagles.
My love for you flies and it soars higher.
Everyday my love for you burns brighter.
Never will my eyes be taken off you.
For you are my constant desire.
You are the One who keeps me flying higher.
Your love is a flame in me burning brighter.
Your love is my comfort my joy and my strength.
 I cannot be moved by any other, but I love being moved by You.
You're my desire. For how can I not be moved by you my Beloved?
For you are all I need.
My hands are lifted up and you move me off the ground.
 With my hands towards the heavens I receive you Jesus with all I am!
As you hold me close to you, no one can come between us.
I am soaring on the wings of eagles and I can touch the skies.
For it is You my Love that taught me what it means to fly.
 I leave all behind everything and I'm not looking back.
All I need is You, and with You I'm moving forward.
Every day I'm flying higher. Wrapped in Your arms of love. A love that is so strong and perfect it can only come from above.

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Katie Cook said...

just beautiful...as you are:) And ps- I LOVE that Elisabeth Elliot quote!! love ya!

Katie Cook said...
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Lynzy said...

So so beautiful!!

Amanda Wissmann said...

"Your love is my comfort my joy and my strength." every day this is my prayer...

I love this. Thanks for sharing!