Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Valentine's day Poem for you single ladies!

Waiting for the days to pass me by.
I'm waiting for the days to be your bride.

I often feel  so rushed by  many.
And they say a "man like you, there aren't any".

But I choose to trust the One who writes the best love stories.
And to live this life of singleness with no worries.

Because I'm saving all the best of me.
With no regrets I do believe.

Everything I have will be given to you.
A love we'll share that's forever true.

Until that time, for you God will prepare.
Prepare me for the love and commitment we both will share.

And until that time I will continue to seek God as my for ever first love.
For He will forever be my first Belove.

And I will wait for you yes, this I say is true.
And when I know you are the one, I will quietly whisper "I love you"

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