Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One year.

So, this Sunday December the 23rd will be a very,very special day for me. Not only will it be the Sunday I get to pull out my Christmas hat and show it off, but on this date last year a very special event took place that changed two peoples lives forever. Where two people came together and made a commitment to love one another unconditionally, to cherish each other more than any other, to honor one another, and to minister together as one flesh. The 23rd of December last year was the day I married my forever best friend, my holy hunk. I still remember the jitters I had from last year. The thought of that big step in life I was taking that would change my life forever. And this Sunday will be our one year mark.. One year down Mr. Riley and the rest of our lives to go!
I have learned so much about this handsome man I am quite taken with this past year. This year hasn't been the perfect year that's for sure. This year hasn't been the best financially for us considering he finally just got a career in late September and we're still in the process of learning to be good a steward with our money as well. Leon had to learn to take care of a wife with horrible morning sickness within three months after getting married. And I had to learn to understand my husband and what he was going through during that time. But one thing I have learned about Marriage and life in general is that if God is the complete center of both of your lives then all things are possible and all things will will work together to good for those who love Him.
I praise God for Leon and I am so extremely thankful for him everyday! We are so good for each other. I have wondered why we were put together sometimes. But now I finally know why! He needed a submissive wife who understands who he is as a person. And I needed someone to give me an extra push and challenge when I needed it. It's so funny how two very different people can fit together so perfectly.

I have taken this year to study my husband.. I definitely don't have a degree on him yet or anything. He's just so much it might take me a few years  a life time to have him all down. But I do love everything about him. But then again I really wish he was a breakfast person. I LOVE breakfast and I think he should too! Aw well. I guess he can't love everything I love ;)

I know he doesn't like being touched when he sleeps. Which I must admit is hard for me sometimes. Because honestly the only thing I wanna do when I sleep is cuddle... I get him a few times though!

Happy early Anniversary sweetie! I'm so looking forward to the rest of our lives together as we both continue to seek the Lord and the purpose and ministry He has in store for us!
If you would like to read about our love story you can go here!

So, check it out! Leon and I haven't even been married for a year yet and we already increased the human population!! Imagine what we could do in a life time! hehehe
Yes, I tried to do a post with no pictures of Evie. Considering that's pretty much all my blog has been about since she was conceived... I just couldn't help it though! She just looks so darn cute.


tmack said...

She is a beauty!

Heather Leigh Riley said...

Thanks girl, She's such a blessing!

June said...

Congrats on your year of marriage. Many you have many more always with love.

Sarah Bryant said...

YAY for you girl...this blog is gonna make me cry, it is so touching I love it! you really have a way with words for sure