Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I went to my sonogram with my Momma Riley. It was great! I very much enjoy spending time with her. God defiantly knew what I needed in a Mother in law. Shes such a blessing a 2nd mom and a great friend! And I had the honor of having her with me today as Leon went to work. We went to a new place today for a sonogram because they wanted to check Evelynne specifically in her size. They said she was a little slow in the growing but I wasn't worried nor should I  be. We went there and it was super crowded. We waited at least twenty minutes but finally we were seen. I'm always so excited about sonograms. I love to see my precious entertaining little princess. She was so cute! I actually got to see her yawning and opening and closing her mouth. She looked so much different from last time when I saw her at 26 weeks here. She was
moving her little hands around and moving everywhere. The nurse and Doctor told me at least six times that she was going to be a active little one. Sigh.. I have a feeling I will have much to blog and video tape about when she finally comes. Speaking of video tape! Did I mention I was going to start a video blog on you tube? Yes, I am! I'm trying to be more videogenic and thought I would try it and see how it goes. I'll probably post my first video Thursday. I just hope I don't bore people! Video blogs can be either extremely boring or quite entertaining. I must be honest when I say I've seen more boring ones than entertaining. So if I'm boring please let me know!! ;)  I'll probably start it out by documenting my last ten weeks of pregnancy.   Anyways... Back to the sonogram. For the first time I actually started feeling really light headed laying down. Never happened before but when she way pushing and pressing on my tummy I thought I was just going to black out! She sat me up and gave me water. I felt a lot better after that. She says it's normal for women in their third trimester. I kinda feel like I can't lay in many positions right now without some sort of side effect... Oh well, laying on the side isn't to bad. But I will be really charmed when I can lay on my tummy again! Oh, and my due date was moved sooner. It was the 17th and is now the 9th. I'm really hoping and praying that she'll come before Thanksgiving. I really wouldn't want to rush to the medical center leaving all that pie! =(
After checking everything Evelynne is just how we expected. Healthy and energetic. The doctor did say that she was a pound under weight leaving her to be 2.5 pounds so I have to go back in three weeks. I'm not worried or concerned though. and defiantly not nearly as much as the doctor is. I know she'll catch up and that she's perfectly healthy. Beautifully and wonderfully made. Just the way God made her.

I have recently began to wonder what Evie will look like. Me or her daddy. I'm hoping she'll have Leon's hair. But I'll be fine if she bald ;)

My handsome adorable hubby
My handsome Leon!
Yea, that's me too. I really love chocolate!

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