Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Personal thoughts on blogging and what has been on my heart lately.

                            My tongue is the pen of a ready writer
                                                                        Psalms 45:1

Recently I have been asking, questioning, and reminding myself  why do I blog? Why do I write? I started seriously blogging about a year ago just as a online journal between The Lord and myself. I didn't consider myself as a blogger  either because I never really looked at anyone's blogs, and I wasn't very experienced in the blogging media. I didn't have a daily writing plan. When I felt led to write, I wrote. When The Lord laid something upon my heart I shared, and when something exciting happened in my life I wrote down the great memories.  I honestly don't know how many viewers I have.  Whether you are a follower or just passing through. I just want you to know that I love and appreciate you! I created this blog for the Glory of God. And recently I had to ask myself if that still stands. To be honest I have very much gotten caught up with the blogging media. I have pushed myself to try and write every day like so many bloggers often do, I have went out of my way to share my blogs with others. I felt the need to fill the expectations of bloggers so that I may fit in with the blogging media. But did I forget that I wasn't made to fit in? I was made to stand out along with my blog. I had to remind myself that this blog isn't for my glory. It is for the glory of God. I created it to be a blessing to Him and to those who stumbled upon it. I created it for Him to be the writer. And for me to be the pen He uses. Not a blessing or pat on the back to me. But my deepest desire is that He will look down on this blog and smile. I have seen so many go out of their way to make their blog known, I have seen so many discouraged and even give up because their blog only had forty followers to none. I have seen so many struggle to keep their blog up to date so that the media won't forget about them.
But that is not why I have started a blog. I didn't start a blog to get discouraged. I started a blog to bless the discouraged, I didn't start a blog to get lost in the media, I started a blog to be a light in the media. And I certainly didn't start a blog to fit in or to get millions of followers. I created a blog to stand out from millions of bloggers. To be different. So, I am writing to you today with a repentant heart. That I am done. I'm not done with blogging but I am done with the worldly media. That desire to want to fit in, to go out of my way to get followers. to comment on so many blog pages so that people can see me, and writing every day for popularity. I am here for one purpose and that is to glorify my God. And for Him to use me to be a blessing to others. So yes, I will continue to blog. But I will blog when I feel led to blog, When I want to blog, and when I have something to blog about. I am no longer going to blog just to blog. Because I believe that if  you are going to take time to read my blog. I want The Lord to use me to give you something to take with you. So that reading it will not be a waste of your time. I want you to be blessed and blessed abundantly every time you come and visit.I know longer desire to be a famous blogger because I know my blog is famous in Heaven. And Jesus reads it every day! What's cooler than that right? So this is my mission statement, No longer will this blog be for the glory of man. But again may my blog only serve one purpose. To glorify God. And to bless all who stumble upon it. I pray you are deeply blessed today! Xoxo

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Sarah said...

Thank you for this. As a Christian wife/mother and blogger too I often asked myself how could I get my blog to be known, forgetting that its purpose was not to be famous but to speak the truth to those who needed it. I'm done with this race either. I just want to speak my heart and God's thought on this media.

Be blessed, Sarah