Monday, August 13, 2012

27 weeks and 13 more to go!

Time is going by so fast. When I looked at my Baby Gaga App this morning I noticed that I'm due in exactly thirteen more weeks! Honestly I was a little worried about being pregnant for forty long weeks. Mainly because I don't have a career to past the time with. but this pregnancy so far is actually going by pretty speedy.  And I'm enjoying every minute of it! I'm even trying to enjoy the not so comfortable parts of pregnancy because it wont be much longer before our little princess is here! I have so many goals right now to keep me busy as a stay at home wife.  Just to pass the time and to keep myself busy before she enters the world. Such as catching up on my scrap booking (Still haven't even done my wedding yet!)  getting more organized,  scheduling a maternity shoot,  improving on my instruments, finishing books I have procrastinated on reading, writing my devotional, and doing more things with my husband, like going to the historic part of Maryland and I'm also kinda hoping we could celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY early so we can maybe go somewhere for a weekend without me thinking of our baby. I guess as a first time mom I feel like December would be to early  to leave her over night.  So many goals and thirteen more weeks to accomplish! Yes, I can do this. =D
Impressive physical developments of the week: My baby's  lungs are already capable of breathing air as her vascular system can now handle oxygen/carbon exchange and her brain stem can now regulate rhythmic breathing as well as her  basal body temperature! Fascinating right!?

    Baby States!  1. How along:27 weeks!!
2. Baby's size:
About 14.5 in

 3. Weight: 2 lbs
4. Maternity Clothes: I'm actually really starting to like these maternity pants. At first they were a bit weird because I wasn't used to having pants come up past my belly button but they are super supportive and comfortable now!5. sleep: Last night I had absolutely no sleep!  She was being a little boxer last night, plus I think I'm starting to feel my baby starting to flip in birthing position. My midwife said it was about that time!
6. Symptoms I have:
I've never had to pee this much EVER!
7. Doctor’s Appointment:
I have another one September 3rd. I'm actually going to be getting my blood work done with that app instead of my last one because it was really hectic there. I had to wait one hour and a half to be seen because they were behind schedule.
Kicks, punches, hiccups, body movements. Loving it!!
9. Belly Button: 
It looks about half way popped! Maybe more so.
10.  Best moment of the week:
Watching Mr. Riley bond with our princess. Still the sexiest think ever! 11.Food cravings: Still the same old at the moment. I still haven't had any crazy cravings like sardines and Ice cream. Yes! I am saying that as a good thing!  And I am still wanting Panera Bread for Breakfast, lunch and dinner!
 12. Foods I've been staying away from: Italian dressing.... blah!
13. Gender: 

 14. What I'm looking forward to: Hitting that thirty weeks! Can't wait. I want to celebrate at Panera Bread!

By the way! I thought I would share this with you.. Yep it's a beautiful red leaf that beautifully stood out from the green ones. I found it on my morning walk. I am so excited for fall! And during my whole walk I was really thanking Jesus for the changes of season.
Are you excited for fall? Do you have any advice or Pregnant memories you'd like to share with this pregger momma?

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