Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let's pray for the ones affected by abortion.

Honestly if you sit down and really think about abortion. It's sadistic beyond measure. It should be an unthinkable practice. Let's continue to Pray for those affected by it.

Last Wednesday a  woman appeared at a OWC to abort her twin baby girls. The only reason she gave for aborting them is that she already had daughters and didn't want anymore. She was twenty weeks! Many of you have no idea stuff like this happens. I have spoken to people about Abortion and how dangerous it is not only for the child but also for the woman. And that the only thing abortion does is kill.. It kills the unborn child that had life, potential, and spirit and it leaves the mother wounded, full of regret and shame. You see there is not just one victim here,  but two.

I have spoken to many on the topic's of abortion. To co-workers,debaters, friends and family. And I have also spoken on it a few times on my blog. here. And every one I have talked to that is for abortion has absolutely no knowledge of it. And it makes me so angry to see so much ignorance in America, It makes me so angry that Abortion is one of the biggest procedures in America, And it makes me so angry that America, the country that was founded on Christianity, The country that our four Fathers have fought for and put precious time into says that killing children is alright. And according to President Obama they are even a mistake. And everyone I have talked to don't even understand what's really going on. Some told me they only allow abortions for emergency purposes, some say abortions are only legal for women who are in their first trimester ( Which even if it was, do they not know that first trimester babies have a heartbeat that starts to beat within six weeks of pregnancy? And that the first trimester is when they develop everything they need including something as simple as fingernails?)  And it would be a shock to some when I tell them that Abortion is legal in America up to the day you give birth.” In fact, in our nation’s capital, there are two doctors who “specialize” in abortions this late in pregnancy. One of those doctors has been working with a suspended license for several years. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban only stopped the use of that procedure late in a woman’s pregnancy. Now, as long as the baby is dismembered before removing him or her from the womb, it’s perfectly legal. Look up the laws in your state. Keep in mind that in any state that has exceptions for the health of the mother, this can mean that if a woman has bad heartburn that’s a threat to her health. A late term abortion starts around $2,000 and can go up to about $15,000 depending on how far along a woman is in her pregnancy.. It leaves me sad as a pregnant woman that many women would do anything to have their children with them and that some women will pay thousands of dollars to have them removed. And it also saddens me as a pregnant woman that people are saying because of their ignorance that children are not alive in their womb. But let me tell you that is the biggest lie! From experiencing pregnancy from trimester one to hitting the third trimester in a few weeks, I have seen my baby and she is most defiantly alive, and not only alive she is a baby with all the qualifications to be so. I heard her heartbeat at eight weeks, I saw pictures of her, I saw her moving, kicking, jumping and trying to get the sonogram camera out of her space, and last time I was there I saw her sleeping, I feel her kicks, punches, hiccups and even her full body moving. I see her character developments, personality, likes and dislikes. She is not some extra body part in me that I push out within the 9th month, shes not a wart, or a clump of tissue. I'm carrying a human being, a baby.  And when a country says it's okay to murder a baby. Their is great evil going on there.

Some of you who are reading this may not have known I was so passionate about stopping abortion. And what brought this post today was reading about this woman I mentioned earlier in my post that was pregnant at 20 weeks with her twin precious girls. At twenty weeks these girls have been kicking, bonding, punching, and doing things babies do together. And now because of one woman not wanting them, they wont have a chance to grow any further and to live their life. I have watched many documentaries on the Holocaust.  I have seen and read about the great evil Hitler has done to Jews just because they were not German. And I will also tell you what I see when I watch those documentaries, when I read those books. I see the very work in Abortion. I see women having abortions because they just don't want the responsibility, or because she feels she has to many kids etc, I see doctors who know that they are children and that they have potential and that they are living human beings but do not tell the mother that because they are afraid of loosing their precious dollar. So they would rather destroy a precious life. Leaving the mother to live with doubt and shame, I also see women who have actually died from loosing too much blood during an abortion procedure.  And the sad thing is stuff like this happens more then once everyday. And because of ignorance people don't see or care. Their was many people to offered this woman financial help, many offered to adopt her daughters. But she decided to do what was more convenient for her and that was to kill them. She aborted the twin girls in her womb even though many offered  every kind of help she would ever need ready for her. She admitted that she didn’t want girls and that she had no compassion for the babies she was carrying. Through a two day process, she actually had to go into labor and deliver her sweet babies into a toilet. Abortions like these happen all over the country every day.

How can this happen? Why is this happening. I am disgusted that this could happen without a revolution rising to overflow the government that  would accept the murder of innocent children as the status quo.
 I know it’s controversial to say this, but abortion truly is the holocaust of my generation. What if we had the bodies of 50,000,000 babies piled on top of each other in a museum somewhere? What if we took all of the clothes they will never wear and toys they will never play with and you had to pay to see them? If each of us had to watch a late term abortion, surely there would be a revolution, right?
 After the Holocaust ended, German civilians were taken to Buchenwald concentration camp to see the atrocities that happened there. Over and over they were heard saying, “We didn’t know.” Now, because of the internet and social media, we have no excuse for ignorance. The hands of America are covered with blood…perhaps their eyes and ears are covered as well. 

I'm not writing this post to bash the Pro- choice companion, I'm not writing this post to condemn women who have had abortions. So please don't think or assume that I am. I love and care about every one of you. I just want you guys to do your research, to watch videos that have been posted and made about the dangers of abortion. And a topic like this cannot be sugar coated. I know I usually don't write hardcore like this. But today I just had to let everyone know what was on my heart. And I really felt led to write about this today. Check out this website  here to get more information on the matter.


Anonymous said...


There is so much wrong in that post, I really don't know where to start.

However, "America, the country that was founded on Christianity"

You have no evidence for that. Here look at this:

Article 11, Treaty of Tripoli (1797):

"As the Government of the United States of America IS NOT, IN ANY SENSE, FOUNDED ON THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Musselmen (Muslims)"

This treaty was signed under President George Washington, then ratified by the Senate under President John Adams.

Don't you find it odd that if the country was founded on Christianity, the founders would draw up and assent to a treaty staing that the government of that country was explicitly NOT founded on that religion?

Any evidence to the contrary? Other than anecdotes or assertions "Well they just put that in because blah blah..." or "They didn't really mean that because you know..."

LaurenMarie said...

I know you wrote this a long time ago but it still holds very true and I couldn't take my eyes away from what you wrote! I work at a pregnancy clinic that helps women who are at risk of having an abortion. We are a christian organization that doesn't advertise as that but we share the gospel while the pregnancy test is being run. I never knew my passion against abortion could be this strong but since working there I see clearly and so badly want to shout the news of the horrible things that are happening without a second thought. Some may say that I don't have the woman's life in mind but I do..I so do! I care about that poor woman that may not know the depth of her decision that month or that year but sooner or later she will feel the pain from that choice! And I know our loving Lord forgives her for that choice but I want others to be educated on abortion and what it really means. You explained it well with this post. Thanks for sharing!