Friday, July 20, 2012

Personal thoughts, and feelings on what it's like being pregnant.

Honestly.... Before I was pregnant I secretly imagined myself being the most experienced pregnant woman around. Like I would know all the answers about things, and know what was going on.. Well, that ship ended during the first trimester. I made the mistake of thinking morning sickness was just a feeling you would get every now and then and maybe every once in a while  having the feeling of throwing up. Oh, boy was I wrong.. That feeling you would get every now and then lasted three months, and the occasional feeling of vomiting was morning til night. And everyday since then my body has been going through so many changes. Such as craving things I normally don't like, and staying away from things that I usually would go out of my way to have. Why does healthy foods and water sometimes makes you nauseous and chick-fil-a makes it all better.  I've been having the the book "What to expect when you're expecting "By my side" Seriously ever since the day the test became a positive. Because some things I just can't go on not knowing! Oh, and don't remind me about the crazy dreams. I have never had so many odd dreams in my life in one time. I once dreamed about being at Panera bread and they wouldn't give me my food. (This dream made me wake up emotional! Seriously not kidding) I had a dream I owned an  Ice cream truck. And I could eat all the Ice cream I wanted. (That dream was delightful) A dream my Grandmother was pregnant (That one not so much) And the other night I had a dream I had really harry legs and I had to jump over the foot of Big foot. (Just wrong) My pregnancy book explains dreams such as this is because of the change of hormones due to pregnancy. So I'm so glad I have something to blame it on.
It keeps getting more exciting!
But Minus all the weird stuff about pregnancy I honestly love it! Just that feeling of knowing in a certain amount of months I'm going to be holding my child in my arms. Until then I am enjoying every minute of her active life inside me. Shes mostly active  at night when I'm trying to sleep. The other night I couldn't even fall asleep because I could feel her entire body move. I was beginning to thing she was having a party down there or something. She calmed down though after the soft voice of my sweet husband said "Okay baby, time to settle down"  We all know who she'll be a daddy's girl for sure. I am so excited to see Leon as a dad. I feel like he's going to be "Super dad" or something. Or the dad that all of her friends wish they could have. He will defiantly be a great example of a dad. And to me he's a the sexiest daddy alive. Seriously!  When we're praying and he's blessing our baby girl and putting his manly hand on my belly. I can't help but think that is the sexiest thing! Anyways, I'm excited to see what's coming for me when I hit my third trimester.

Baby update!
 1. How along: 23 weeks!!

2. Baby size: 11.4 inches
3. Weight:Finally reached 1 pound!

4. sleep: On and off. She really likes to move at night and it wakes me up sometimes.
5.Food cravings: Strawberries and Chickfila =)
6. Belly button: It's defiantly starting to look different!
7. Gender: GIRL!!! 
8. What I'm looking forward to:  Going to my next sonogram next month. And seeing my precious girl moving around.


Lucy said...

Such a cute blog and beautiful pictures :)Congrats on the little baby girl!


Heather Leigh Riley said...

Thanks Lucy!! I very much appreciate you stopping by! Xoxoxo