Monday, November 4, 2013

Piglets Birthday wish-list

Can you believe my baby girl is almost one!! EEK! It doesn't feel that long ago when I was still pregnant with her and hear I am now celebrating her Birthday Month.

I've been asked a few times on what would be a good gift for Evie, so I decided to create this. :)

1. My Evie LOVES music.. It's seriously no surprise to me. I always knew she had a heart to be a worshiper and a lover of music. She also loves dvd's with worship music on it and pretty pictures.

2. We are working on re-doing her room pink and brown giraffe print and giraffe print in itself.. So anything like that.

3. Evelynne is really needing some more toys to play with.. She has gotten so bored with her toys now.. I think it's because she's gotten older and she's just done with the old things. On with the new. We are wanting her to have puzzles like the picture above with the knobs so it will be good for her to work on her hand coordination, baby safe paint for crafts, learning toys or just anything good for her age.  :)

4. A girl honestly can't have to many head bows and bands. Hats are great too!

5. This girl loves anything giraffes!!! (If you didn't notice ;)) From stuffed animals to pictures and giraffe print.. They're her favorite.

6. This girl grows so fast so I never say no to clothes. Especially shoes. She can even wear some small 24 months now.

7. Evie LOVES books! I'd love for her to have the Jesus calling children's addition.. But really any hard cover book in general.


Courtney B said...

Loooooove your list! Why do they have be turning one already?!!
I don't even know what size shoe Mia wears and she desperately needs some now that winter is here (snow is totally in the forecast today) I'm such a bad mom, sometimes!

Ceil said...

HI Heather Leigh! That photo of your 'girly-girl' is just precious! My 18 mo. old granddaughter loves giraffes too! Isn't that funny? Her favorite stuffed animal is a little giraffe.

I hope you have a wonderful celebration. You love and care for her so beautifully. You are an inspiration to everyone who reads about it here. You have a blessed daughter, maybe she'll sing about it in a few years :)