Thursday, November 7, 2013

I need Him..

Jesus.. I need Him.

More than you and I even know, understand or comprehend. I just know I need Him.

On days when I would prefer to stay in bed all day than waking up I need Him.

When my days are energetic and filled with laughter I need Him.

When motherhood is exhausting I need Him.

And when it makes me cry tears of joy I need Him.

He puts all the pieces in place, and He creates all things lovely.. I honestly don't know where I'd be right now if it wasn't for Jesus.  The sweetness of His Name makes my soul leap. He is my obsession,
my passion.. I need nothing else. Just give me Him.. The One who died for me so that I may live the abundant, eternal life that was promised.

Recently God has been challenging me to step out.. To step out of this comfort zone that I unfortunately made comfortable in. I prayed to Him one day to use me and not let any talents that was given to me to go waste.. And I believe that's exactly what He did..

I am involved in a new Church. A church that is still young and new, a church that started out as an anointed Bible study with just a few people including my hubby and myself. A couple of years later we became a church that's continuing to grow and will reach millions. (can't wait for that!) And because we're a new church we needed some things. A worshiper, Children's Pastor ect. And I wanted to help out. I just wasn't sure how..  Honestly here. I didn't think my talents qualified.. But Jesus thought something different when He told me that I needed to start singing at the church..So after a few more confirmations I sent my Pastor a message asking if I could start singing.. So that's what I've been doing every other Sunday.. I don't actually lead worship at the moment but I bring glory to God as we do tithe and offering and I really love it! I don't have any dreams or visions for this at the moment.. But I know God does and  whether He calls me to worship until my daughter takes the stage or something else I'm completely fine with that! So, here is the very first song I sang a month ago. "Lord I need you" by Matt Maher.


Hannah said...

I love this song, and you sing it so beautifully.

Ceil said...

Hi Heather Leigh! I should call you a Warrior! Look how you are stepping out of that comfort zone and using the gifts that God has lovingly given you? And you are a brave one to step in front of others, and here on your blog to share your love for music.

So proud of you!! and so inspired. Thank you for your loving witness to me today :)