Monday, October 28, 2013

Favorite memories of pregnancy.

Dearest Evelynne,
It's so hard for me  to believe that you will be one in less than a month now.. I remember this time last year I was so ready to meet you, to hold you and to kiss you all day long.. I couldn't wait to finally see who you looked like.. Would you look like you daddy or mama? or have your very own look? I often thought about things like this.

Being pregnant with you was such an amazing experience.. Though the morning sickness, back pains, and all the unpleasant experiences were not favorable over all I loved being pregnant with you and I did my best to enjoy it.. Feeling you kick, hiccup, move around. It was all such a blessing..And I miss it much more than I thought I would.
 I have so many memories of my pregnancy with you.. And one of the biggest ones was when you were prophesied to be a worshiper.. I remember that day like it was yesterday. And you know what? I already knew that God had big plans for you to become a worshiper. Because you loved music..Particularly worship and classical. Sometimes you were so still during a song that you barely moved (which didn't happen often) and other times you were jumping and moving around. It put so much joy in my heart being a worshiper as well. I just know you will lead millions to Jesus with the anointing on your voice..

I also remember the day when I first felt you move inside of me.. It was so sudden while I was laying on the bed. I remember waiting to feel you finally move so I could feel you. and ever since you took that huge step of moving you haven't stopped since. I'm so thankful that you are an active child.

I had such a connection with you! A connection I know is even stronger now. I remember talking with you all the time, praying with you and reading to you.. I believe even then you could tell the difference between praying and talking. I believe even then it impacted you because now I know you know the difference. you could be crying when I put you to sleep and when I start praying for the most part you usually become silent as I pray.. You know how important it is and I just know that prayer is and will continue to be a huge part of your life.

I loved watching your dad react to you too! He loved rubbing my tummy as we sat there and talked to you. It was his daily highlight considering he was put through some major tough stuff during the academy. He'd talk to you and tell you how much he loved you.. And boy did he love seeing you move!

When I was pregnant I felt like it went by so slow.. Particularly towards the end..But now that you're here and so close to being one I realized just how fast it came in went... It's almost been a whole year since I had a little life growing inside of me. And boy am I so blessed that  little life was you.. I thank God for you everyday and I just can't fathom how loved and blessed we really truly are to raise you, teach you and watch you grow up.. I love you my Piglet!

My first and last pregnancy vlog video.


Danielle Wilson said...

Oh my goodness I love this post! It is just so amazing that she was prohesied to be a worshipper! God just does such incredible things:)

Krystal Butherus said...

Aaww I love that last photo with the giraffe in the back! Thanks for sharing with Time For Mom on Tuesday! Hope you join us again tomorrow!