Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some thoughts after Bathing suit shopping.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when parents dress their 5 year old daughters like a 20 year old. Sometimes I even feel as though those type of clothing are even inappropriate for a 20 year old. I was walking through my Super Walmart  the other day  looking for bathing suits for Evelynne to wear this  year and to my surprise I could barely find anything  that I would dare put her in. They were all bikinis and if they were a full piece they were kinda skimpy. It's pretty sad when you have a hard time looking for modest and decent clothing for your almost four month old. Honestly, it really drives me crazy sometimes and makes me so mad.

I guess what really bothers me along with seeing these outfits on children is that the parents don't even have a clue. They think it's cute and they fail to see the danger behind it. I don't think it's cute on a teenager and especially on a child that is not old enough to dress herself.

We as mom's have a responsibility to guard our daughter's hearts and minds and to protect them from danger.  You may think a string bikini looks cute on your five year old daughter but  the Pedifile  across from you is thinking she looks sexy.  It's one thing if we lived in a perfect world where children could be children and looked at with purity and love. But unfortunately we live in a sex-centered world where everything seems to  revolve around sex. And sadly children have to suffer from that because we live in a world full of perverts.

We need to teach our daughters at an early age to dress modestly with decency at an early age.

" In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation."
1 Timothy 2:9 NKJV

We need to teach them to dress with respect and honor at a young age or they will grow up wearing the same inappropriate things you put them in as a child.

We need to stop dressing our kids like their "Sex objects"  Or they will grow up to believe that's exactly what they are!

We need to teach them as early as possible who they are in Christ and that they are worth much more than they could even imagine and that they can't sell themselves short.

We need to teach them to dress with respect. So they will be respected. And not only for themselves but for our brothers and even their future husbands.

There is this show that comes on "TLC"  "Toddler's in Tiara's" is the name of it. I watch "TLC" often so when the previews for this show came on out curiosity   I watched it.. I probably shouldn't  have because it made me mad. But then again it was good for me to watch it because it gave me a deeper understanding on what's going on in the media.

If you've never seen or heard of "Toddler's in Tiara's. It's about "Beauty Pageants". First of all no, --- I have nothing against "Beauty Pageants"  in fact I think some of them are quite harmless and fun! But I personally am very against these kind of  "beauty pageants"  Where mom's force their kids to grow up pretty much. Keeping their four year old's on strict diets, giving them bad sugars to keep their energy up,  dressing them in a manner to intentionally make them look "Sexy"  (I'm sorry but the words "Sexy" and "four year olds" just don't sound right in the same sentences) Telling and teaching them to dance  and walk in a inappropriate way, covering their little faces with make up, fake eyelashes,giving them fake boobs, and tanning spray. Forcing these little kids to grow up and planting in their minds that physical looks is all that matters. These kind of Pageants can only cause emotional problems for these poor girls and by the looks of them on TV it looks like it already has.

What are we teaching our daughters when we dress them like this?  we are telling them through our acts that they are sex objects, that their physical appearance's are all that matters. And sadly that is the worlds motto.
We seem to live in a world where in their opinion skinniness is next to godliness and godliness is not so cool.
Well, I don't know about you but I find people who are too caught up  in their own physical  appearances not beautiful at all. In fact I feel sorry for them because they are missing out on what beauty really is. Beauty and flawlessness is the very thing Jesus died to give us. and we can only be beautiful and flawless through Him.

If you are a girl who is struggling with self worth I just want to tell you baby, I've been there and I know where your coming from. I was there. I pushed myself so far that I would stand in the mirror just crying my eyes out with the desire to be beautiful, to be wanted. Until one day I had to look in the mirror with watered eyes with the intentions of apologizing to myself for how cruel I was and the lies I told to me. Let me tell you dear friend, that Jesus thinks your a real Babe! He loves and wants you so much that He died for you so He could share His Kingdom with you. And even better through Him you are beautiful and you are flawless! He is the true keeper of Beauty and He wants to give it to you! Trust me it doesn't matter how much you weigh, your hair color, eye color, skin color or even clothes attire. If you don't know the love of God and know your identity in Him in your opinion nothing will be enough..

Before I end this post please let me bless you with some encouragement today!
You are Beautiful!
You are a Babe!
You are a Treasure!
You are a Jewel!
You are created for God's Glory!
You are the apple of His eye!
You are a new creation!
And you are worth waiting for and worth dying for!
Obviously Jesus thinks so because He did!

 Be blessed Sisters!

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