Friday, March 29, 2013

He died so that I may live.

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live."         John 11:25
 I wonder what it would have been like to have actually been there. To have been one of the disciples that watched Jesus suffer for us and then rise again on the third day.. I have no doubt that must have been a life changing experience. I seriously thank God for all of His Life changing experiences. Without Him I'd be living such a boring life. A life not worth living. He is my every inspiration.. I'm nothing without Him! Jesus paid it all and all to Him I owe ♥

Today is a day that is very personal to me.. Today is the day that A King who loved me oh so much came to earth and died for me and for you too! Today is about Him. Just like everyday should be.

 Jesus died so that I could spend eternity with Him. He is my uttermost  Heavenly Beloved! 

He took my sins on that splintered, bloody wooded cross and died a horrible death. So that I could live a wonderful life. A life with no regret, no condemnation and the power of forgiveness. 

That day He made me worthy and crowned me with His Glory. I will never forget what He did. He will forever be in my heart.

He woke me up while I was sleeping. I was dead and He kissed me alive. He died so that I may live..
I am living in a fairytale that can't be topped. What Jesus did for me this day I will never forget. Only He could have done it. Because only He was perfect!

 He died so that I may live.. And while I live I will declare the works of Him!


Casey Aslan said...

I have loved finding faith filled bloggers this Holy week! Precious pictures!

Happy Easter!

Heather Leigh said...

Hey girl!! Happy Easter.. =) I know! Me too. I very much enjoy reading blogs that share their relationship with Christ. It's so inspiring! =D