Thursday, February 21, 2013

Downton issues. a.k.a Thoughts on "Downton Abbey

Leon and I don't have cable so we had to wait until season 3 "Downton Abbey" came out to watch it. I actually prefer it this way anyways because the show is just too crazy to wait a WHOLE week to see what happens next.. Kinda like the series "The Walking dead" These crazy series will keep you crazy!

Anyways if you have not yet seen the whole season three of Downton STOP READING and go finish watching and then carry on with reading this.. Unless you don't mind knowing what goes on before you watch it. Honestly I wish someone would have told me what happened before it did for my "after baby emotions" sake.. I think I cry in movies & tv series so much more than I did before!

These past couple of weeks after Evelynne goes to sleep. Leon and I created a bedtime routine that evolved hot chocolate, romantic love mugs, tears (From me)  and season three Downton Abbey ofcourse!  And these are my thoughts on the non stop drama series.
The other two seasons were pretty dramatic but in my humble opinion this one wins the prize for causing me to have mixed emotions! Some of my friends have even left Downton Abbey because of it's crazy drama.. But I'm kinda an addict. I have to find out what happens next!
Cation: Spoilers are included in this post.

Matthew and Mary are, officially, kissing cousins married. I must admit at first I was kinda "Ehhh".... For the first and second season I didn't really buy the Matt&Mary Chemistry. You know how in some series or movies you instantly fall in love with  a couple. Well they started out as annoying for me. Why? I guess the best I can say this in words is that they were not romantic enough for me to sigh over. I'm a hopeless romantic. I just couldn't really feel their love for each other or see it in their eyes. But now I must say I love them! I think their cute and make a dashing loving couple. But I dare not compare  Mary and Matthew to Elizabeth and Darcy.That would be a bit too far! ;)


I love their lifestyle. The Downton fashion is always fun and so is their way of living. I am the kind of lady that would be happy to have "Tea time" three times a day. And women wearing huge hats and puffy dresses. I would be glad to be apart of that wardrobe. The only thing is I would have to invent a magazine or something since "Blogspot" Didn't exist along with computers. ;)

Branson got to eat at the big kids' table.
Branson, the Crawley family's former Chauffeur ... and current son-in-law to the Earl ... is back. And married to Sybil. And he's just as crazy-eyes intense as ever. 
Seriously, his eyes are always like this: "!!!!!"
And his eyes are always !!!! because he's a man with a cause. A political man. A newspaper man. And so, in the name of freedom and class equality, the battle he decided to pick with his clueless, overindulged inlaws was ...

... not wearing a dressy jacket to Matthew and Mary's wedding.
Breakdown of the scene: 
Branson: I refuse to wear anything fancy. I'll wear my suit. Because a brown suit represents the working man, and that's what I am. I worked for you miserable lot for years I tried to poison you at dinner, remember? and wooed Lady Sybil away from this awful place! So don't ask me to wear a dress jacket! No silken threads shall e'er touch these progressive shoulders for as long as I...(You get the point!)

Now I LOVE Sybil and Branson as a couple but I admit I could have slapped him for leaving his pregnant wife and I understand the father for being angry too! I think he should have left politics out of his life until she was no longer pregnant.

The death of Sybil.  I feel like it's time for me to make a confession: As sad as it is. The death of lady Sybil was predictable for me because the show would do anything for a good bit of drama.. I was hoping I was wrong though because Sybil was my favorite sister. I must admit the thought of breaking up with Downton Abbey has crossed my mind after the death of late lady Sybil. But then reality took place and I didn't see it coming.

I thought Lord Robert would explode when Branson said little Sybil would be Catholic!!!

  Oh Edith..
How many times does Sir Anthony Mundane have to say, "I'm too old for you..." before Edith realizes he's actually saying, "I'm just not that into you..."?

She's not into him either; I think she's just a little desperate for the kind of attention her sisters have always come by more naturally. And maybe she's desperate for love, too, and ready to settle into something that could be love, and hope it blooms eventually. Like it did for her parents.
I keep waiting for Edith to get a storyline that rocks. Mary's had some great moments. So has Sybil.I am glad though she decided to publish her work despite of what her father thinks. It's time this girl gets her life started! But I am kinda iffy about the man who is married to a crazy woman in the crazy house    is pursing her who possibly would not be able to marry her because he's married already.. I feel as though if she pursued him back she will be a mistress and never a bride.. I wish better for Edith.

Why in the world did Ethel give up her son!! *Tear*

Thoughts on Thomas.
 I honestly don't understand why everyone is saying they like Thomas in this season.. Thomas and  O'Brien are my uttermost least favorite characters in Downton.. Though I do feel much compassion over Thomas but not favoritism. I'm glad they let him stay despite of his intentions and what he tried to do to a certain someone because O'Brien told him there was certain feelings. I'm glad Mr Bates put all hard feelings aside and helped Thomas out.. And when Thomas got beat up almost to the death for the sake of a soon to be friend. My heart became a little more warm towards him.. But to say he's one of my favorite characters. That's clearly an over statement!

MATHEW.. *Tear*  Oh Mathew, dearest Mathew. Just when you were working your way up to being my favorite character and right after your first born son.. I was not expecting your death at all. In fact  I may have teared up a bit and considered calling the writers who wrote this season heartless maggots!..... That's all I have to say.. R.I.P 

Are you still watching Downton? I would love to hear your thoughts on this season!


Deanna said...

omg we have like almost identical thoughts with this show! haha!

Heather Leigh said...

Haha it's crazy how addicting drama's are! lol

Deanna said...

yeah, especially ones that are period pieces!!!