Monday, September 17, 2012

Autumn excitement!

I know I have mentioned in my past posts about how excited I am for fall... Honestly, I was ready for fall since early August! But I held in that Fall excitement for the appropriate time. I think now is a good time to let it go.....
Sweaters, scarves, tights and boots - Oh how I love fall clothes!!!
Candy Apples- and just Apples in general.. I love Apples. And when they are dipped in caramel and nuts. Sigh..
Bon fires- YAAAY! My Parents have the best Harvest Bonfires. There is nothing like sitting next to a fire, snuggling with your man with a single blanket and eating Smoes! (I know they are actually called "Smores"  But I call them "smoes")
Pumpkin Spice Lattes/Frappes- Seriously. It's Fall in a cup. It has been my pregnancy craving for the past week! It smells heavenly with whip cream and cinnamon. =) Did I mention I had three of the frappes in the last four days? And one of them was a "Venti" =D

The wonderful pretty colors and hoodie weather- It's honestly my kinda walking weather. I love it!
 Evelynne's Arrival- Ahh! I can't wait. I was washing and  folding her little wardrobe yesterday. I just can't believe she will be here in less than two months! I already have everything for her pretty much set up. (Pics coming soon)

And of course I have to show you what I did with the place!
Do you have any fall excitements?

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