Thursday, January 5, 2012


People can sort of deal with things they don't have to look at, but it's hard to view a child's corpse and turn your head.
They're are many times I look at these innocent children. I wish I could be there and say "Take my life instead.
More then three million children are murdered each day.
Injustice must stop! This I pray.
This has to stop. We must stop the delay!
For every day a child cries of pain.
And the sad thing is those who hear the cry, the world calls insane!
Children are never a choice. No, Never a choice to me.
They all are pure joy. Joy the world needs to see.
But morals faded on those liberal nights.
And sadly children too. Their heartbeat,voice and rights.
What is up with your convince. Would you really take a life for that?
Or will you let someone else? Would you just sit back.
Can we not see what we have started?
Is this concept one we're unwilling to catch?
This world will burn in liberated flames
Use this needle, light this match.
Is the world really this greedy. That they would want to kill whats pure and true.
That you would want to kill the very life that God put in you.
But must I say the child is not the only victim here.
Also the mother that was deceived. Who didn't know no better.
If we would have gotten to her first. She would have had something to treasure.
The child suffered a horrible death and the mother suffers a horrible life.
But let these mothers know that their is freedom in Christ!
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