Monday, August 27, 2012

What's been happening in my life lately.

Look no feet!
Evelynne has been kicking so much lately! It's so funny sometimes. I also feel a deep bond with her when she moves because I play along with her. I'll put my hand on a certain area of my stomach and she'll touch where my hand is. It's so amazing! Watching this precious little life growing inside of me. In my first trimester I couldn't wait until pregnancy was over. But now, I think I might miss it. Having your child grow inside of you, talking with her, and having her with you 24/7  is extremely special. This active little girl has my heart.
 Some books I have been reading to her. 

What I've been reading the last 6 of months!
These are a few things I crocheted together for her. The thing with yarn still attached is a blanket I'm working on. I can't wait til it's finished. You know me! Keeping myself busy ;)
                                                                  BIG NEWS!!!
 I am now married to a  Police officer trainee! My wonderful husband went off to his new job this morning. He looked so handsome in his suit! I'm not real sure on what he'll be doing today because his physical training won't start until the 7th of September. I'm sure I'll get the scoop over dinner tonight. Until then I can't wait until he gets home. And also to see him when he officially get's his uniform hehe! A lot of people ask me if I'm afraid of him becoming a Police officer. After all Baltimore city is a dangerous place. But my answer is one big fat NO! Of course not. I know God's hand is around him and that my husband is protected. I'm not worried or concerned at all. And I shouldn't be ;) I know Leon will do great as a cop. He's compassionate, loving, caring and he doesn't take nonsense from others. People respect My Mr. Riley.  He's very mission minded in this career. He said he may be getting paid to be a cop, but what he really is, is a undercover Evangelist. Sigh.. I'm in love with this gentleman!

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