Thursday, January 12, 2012

You are strong.

Why do you want to fit in, When you are made to stand out?
Why be apart of the world, When it is so full of doubt?
Why do we want to draw attention to ourselves,When it's not about you?
It should be all about Jesus, and what He wants us to do!
Are we such imitators of men, that we desire to be like them?
I desire to be like God! The GREAT I AM.
For He is not of the world, and He never will be.
The world will give you lies, But Jesus will set free.
Are you bondaged with the thought of fitting in?
Do you feel you have to be different or thin?
Well, let me tell you that you couldn't be more wrong.
Jesus loves you for who you are, and in His arms you belong.He thinks you are beautiful and so very strong. Don't listen to the lies. Day and Night Satan tries.
Every day he tries his best. To captive you like the rest.
But you are different, You have God's strength in You!
You never thought you could be this strong huh? Well Jesus already knew!

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