Monday, April 8, 2013

Moving with a 4 month old

Happy Monday guys!  I'm so glad it finally feels like spring outside! I just wish I could enjoy it instead of packing. Any who! Did I mention we're moving?? We finally found a nice single family home and we will be moving with my Mother in law and our sister Ashley to save some money. I'm very excited about it because finally Evelynne will be having her very own room! For the past four months we have all been cramped in one bedroom. And I have been dreaming of an official nursery for this girl! And of course I've been counting on pinterest  for inspiration.. Pinterest you has not failed me yet! <3
darling for a little girls nursery and bedroom!                    .Going to make a bow holderlove this!
girls nursery

DIY Mobile
I'll be heading over to her room this week to start the painting. The colors will be a "Airy Pink Balloon" and "young seedling". I'm really excited to be finished!

Pinterest has been a huge help while moving! For instance I  saw the coolest idea on there about how to pack clothing! Buy leaving them on a hanger, placing a huge trash bag over them and tying a rubber band around the hanger so they stick together.

Oh, and guess who was trying to crawl while Mommy was packing?? I was seriously shocked when I saw Evelynne in "crawling position" considering she is not even sitting up all the way yet! I love how she is so determined at such a young age!  

Life is going to be so crazy the next couple of weeks! If anyone has any advice on moving with a teething baby I'd so appreciate the advice. :) 


Camille said...

Aww, already trying to crawl!! She is very adventurous. :) Good luck with your move!

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

AH! What a cutie: :) Those colors sound so pretty! Have a great day pretty girl :)

xoxo Jamie

Heather Leigh said...

I thought I had time before my baby was mobile.. I feel as though I may have to buy gates early ;)

Heather Leigh said...

Thanks girl!! I have been day dreaming of my daughters nursery ever since I was a teenager haha! I hope your having a wonderful day!!

Courtney B said...

Ooooh she is the cutest! Good luck with your moves! And decorating her nursery is going to be SO fun' I'm constantly daydreaming about the day that we finally but a home and I can't paint and decorate Mia's room!!

Heather Leigh said...

Aw thanks!! I'll will def be posting pictures when it's finished!! Thank you so much for stopping by!